Electrifying 0.16

With the long weeks of winter coming to an end we’re ready to release our update to bring BeamNG.drive to version 0.16. This release sees several improvements and additions to the game. We are releasing our first fully electric vehicle for BeamNG.drive, the eSBR. In addition to being fitted with an electric drivetrain and battery system it has also been given a major facelift, giving it an appropriately modern look and feel. Our team has had a lot of fun pushing this car to its limits and we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Italy is also receiving some additions, as promised when we launched 0.15 in December 2018. We have completed the port area of the main city, added the small coastal village of Portino and improved the appearance of the airport, fortress and castle. Italy is now also dotted with petrol stations and electric charging facilities as well as having several new offroad trails for you to explore. The local residents are also happy to have access to a new hospital and the protection afforded by fire and police stations.

Under the hood the team has continued to optimise several areas of the game. We now have a UI that can render up to 60fps. Optimisations to our physics engine have resulted in performance gains of up to 10%. Combined with improvements to the rendering engine that have reduced stuttering, your driving experience should become a lot smoother.

On the audio side of things, we are releasing support for 5.1 surround sound. The team has also been hard at work to bring scrape effects, transmission whine and a new dynamic muffling parameter into the game to continue the work of making our cars sound as good as they handle. Work on tuning these new effects is still on-going so expect to hear improvements in the coming releases.

This release also includes new and tweaked game scenarios, enhancements to several vehicles and a bunch of bug fixes and quality of life improvements. The full changelog can be found below. We hope you enjoy the results of the team’s hard work and as usual please let us know what you think on the forums!


Italy Level


-example: use “$+mainGain”: 10 in a subpart to have an already existing mainGain value from a parent part be increased by 10




Game Engine

Graphics Engine

User Interface



World Editor





An up to date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.

Instructions on how to update the game here.


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