Game FAQ

Below is a list of questions and answers to the most commonly asked questions about BeamNG. Please refer to this list before creating a topic on the forums to ask your question.

“When it’s ready”

Estimate dates are just that, estimates. However they are usually misinterpreted as guaranteed release dates.

For this reason we prefer to not announce anything until an update is already out, or in the process of being released (and even then, unforeseen problems can still cause delays).

Just sit tight and enjoy the current version, and check the mod repository if you want fresh content ;-)

Currently we can only focus on the Windows platform and we cannot say whether or not we will be able to support other platforms in the future.

Use of emulators, virtual machines and compatibility layers may or may not work. If it works for one specific version, it may or may not break in older or newer versions. We cannot provide assistance or support for these use cases. Users are free to try them, but only at their own risk. is only on PC. No Android/iOS/etc. version exists.

We would definitely love to provide Virtual Reality support, but it is not planned at the moment, and will likely not happen in the short term.

A proper VR implementation is not trivial: it requires architectural changes to our game engine, as well as great performance improvements if we hope to consistently hit the necessary minimum of 90 FPS on the recommended VR hardware specs (45 FPS in the case of Oculus Rift). Work on VR support cannot start before those issues are addressed.

Furthermore, is an Early Access title, so logically we have to direct our efforts at delivering the announced features, content and stability first.

Networked multiplayer wasn’t originally planned. We are aware that it’s a highly requested feature, but it may be impossible or extremely difficult to implement properly, given our physics engine complexity. We are keeping an eye on it, but no promises here. It will most probably not happen in the short term.

Non-networked multiplayer is available, and it’s called “multiseat”. See “How can I play with multiseat” answer below for more info.

Note: LAN multiplayer faces exactly the same fundamental problem as WAN multiplayer - it’s still orders of magnitude slower than communication within a cpu (both in throughput and in latencies).

Split screen would be a logical feature to complement the multiseat mode. Multiseat exists only because it was a low hanging fruit that could please users without too many weeks of development.

In contrast, split screen mode requires important changes to the graphics engine pipeline. We do not have the time to tackle that feature at this point of our Early Access development roadmap, and it is unlikely to happen in the short term.

As a compromise we’ve modified the “Orbit” camera behaviour, which will now keep multiple vehicles on screen when multiseat is enabled:

We provide our own Workshop alternative, directly integrated in-game, with automated mod update downloads and other features.

If you prefer, you can browse it online too: BeamNG Repository

The motivation for using our own rather than Steam’s offering is:

  • We want to support those of you who didn’t buy the game through Valve’s platform. Non-Steam users also deserve the right to enjoy a good mod repository.
  • Workshop does not allow for proper moderation and makes it harder for us to ensure mods are working correctly and won’t break the game.
  • Our mod repository allows us to easily help modders. Making modders' life easier means more and better mods.
  • Our mod repository allows for both automatic and manual mod installation.

You can change the ‘userfolder’ location by using the Game Launcher > Manage User Folder > Move User Folder button (since v.0.14)

Alternatively it can be done by modifying the startup.ini file located in the game’s directory (edit with notepad or any other text editor, further instructions inside the file)

Multiseat means several players seated in front of the same computer. Currently, each player must have its own controller connected to that computer.

  • Scenarios: just open any multiseat scenario (they have an identifying icon), and each player can simply steer left/right in his controller to choose their vehicle.
  • Freeroam: spawn several cars, then go to Options > Gameplay > enable Multiseat. When you are finished, disable Multiseat again.

TL;DR: Please take a look at this video for a very rough and simplified overview of how cars handle under and over the limit:

First of all, rest assured that physics realism is one of our top priorities! We are always open to criticism, and are delighted to be proven wrong and corrected. For this, facts and data are most welcome, as it’s the only sane way to improve the physics core calculations and the vehicle setups.

That said, most realism-related complaints can be explained by a lack of speed sensation. If you add the G-forces app to the UI, you can verify cars generate realistic values during cornering, braking and acceleration.

The lack of speed sensation can be explained by any of the following:

  • Not using a first person cockpit camera
  • Not using an appropriate FOV angle for your screen setup (specially if using a single screen)
  • Not managing a consistent framerate above 25FPS (this throttles the physics core down to slow motion, which will be deceiving)
  • Not using a good steering wheel with force feedback
  • Not feeling the G-forces through your body, nor the vibrations transmitted by the chassis to the seat
  • Not being afraid of dying or of repair costs
  • Not going fast enough, instead driving too aggressively, due to not knowing how to extract the available grip out of a car. For example, using a keyboard/gamepad and steering full lock while cornering will leave some grip unused, just like it would in real life. Etc.

If cars seem too hard to control, check these possibilities:

  • Are the corners in game really as wide as you think they are? Think about the corner radius of up to several kilometers of real life highways where speed limits are 60mph or 120kph
  • Do you really drive your real life car as fast through similar corners as in game? (verify using a gps-based speedometer, but remember to always drive safe!)
  • Does the car have the same driving aids (ABS, TC, ESC) as the car you’re used to driving in real life?
  • Does the car have the same drivetrain layout? For example, many street cars are FWD and impossible to spin out under throttle.
  • Does the car have a similar differential setup as the car you’re used to driving in real life? A different differential can make the difference between spinning out at each corner, versus happily smoking the inner wheel without a hint of oversteer.
  • Are your inputs similar to what you would do in real life under similar conditions? Switch to the ‘Driver’ camera and observe how fast and how far the steering wheel rotates, and compare to real life driving and racing videos.
  • Etc

Related threads with useful information:

Open the Controls menu from the main or in-game menu (the game controller pad icon), and click the “Force Feedback” tab at the top. Make sure you have your wheel connected, then click “Enable Force Feedback”.

For more detailed information, please visit the steering wheel setup page.

If you own the game on Steam, follow the following guide to have Steam download any modified/corrupted files from the game’s directory: Verify Integrity of Game Files

If you use the Humble Bundle ZIP/Installer version, it’s necessary to download the game again. See here

This is not possible. As notified in the registration phase, usernames cannot be normally changed once set.

If your username reveals your real name, other private information or you made an error when creating it, you can contact us to have it changed through the support form. is DRM free. You can download from Steam/Humble bundle and install it as many times as you wish.

If you own the game on Steam, you simply have to login to your Steam account and the game will be in your Library ready to be installed.

If you are using the Humble Bundle ZIP/Installer version, the procedure is the same as updating the game, which can be found here: Updating the game with Humble Bundle

Yes! Owners of are completely free to create, upload and monetize their own videos on Youtube.

If you require a dedicated license for you project, please contact us through