Minor Update V0.22.3 Released


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Deprecation of DirectX10 Support
Announcing Automation & Collaboration!
West Coast USA – Preview
Trading Cards!
We Are Hiring!
Vehicle Handling Overview
Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!


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New Vehicle Reveal: The Cherrier Vivace
Color Space, Lighting and HDR Rendering
Teaser Video – New Car: Gavril Bluebuck
Teaser Video – Remastered and Improved Levels
Development Sneak Peek #7 & Update V0.15.0.6
Autobello Piccolina Trailer
Italy Trailer
Italy Release and Map Upgrades

Patch notes

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Minor Update V0.22.3 Released

Minor Update V0.22.2 Released

Minor Update V0.22.1 Released

The 2021 Spring Release – V0.22

Minor Update V0.21.4 Released

Minor Update V0.21.3 Released

Minor Update V0.21.2 Released

Minor Update V0.21.1 Released