“La Vie à Toute Vitesse” – BeamNG.drive v0.19

From all of us at BeamNG to all of our awesome community, we wish you continued good health and that you all stay safe.

We are happy to announce the launch of version 0.19 of BeamNG.drive, which contains new vehicles, renovated maps and vehicles as well as continued optimization and improvement of our technology.

Leading the pack in this release is the launch of the Cherrier FCV platform with the Vivace and Tograc models. Cherrier is a new manufacturer in the BeamNG.drive universe. Originating from France, this manufacturer embodies the European spirit of 21st Century automobile design. Aggressive lines, quirky details and a wide range of powerplants are the hallmark of Cherrier’s product line and the FCV platform is the latest expression of their style and engineering philosophy. In keeping with the future of automotive technology, an electric version of the Vivace and Tograc are available, with the FCV platform having been conceived to support both traditional and electric drivetrains from the outset. From economical commuters aimed at the family market to aggressively tuned hot hatchbacks that turn heads and burn rubber in equal measure, Cherrier has a version of its vehicles to appeal to anyone. A strong contender on the competitive driving scene, Cherrier’s chassis are used by several teams in both rally and hillclimb competitions. Cherrier also enjoys a good relationship with France and Italy’s police forces, whose specially tuned versions pursue and contain road-based dirty deeds across the autoroutes and autostradas.

Turning to our maps, we have continued the renovation project and are ready to release Small Island. This map has received a major overhaul to bring its appearance better into line with the stated geographical location. With the rebuilt harbor, research station and helipad we are introducing more points of interest to aim for. The road layouts have been adjusted for better driveability and new offroad trails have been added. Small Island may not be the largest map in the game but it now offers good reasons to go check it out.

In other areas, we have improved the ambient sound systems throughout the game. The directionality of sounds is better, pitch wobbling at high speeds should be noticeably improved and we have reworked the way impacts sound. There has also been some work put into making our sound bank loading logic support future mod banks. Those of you who continue to drive cars into the water in the hope that they will someday function as submarines will be happy to know that we now have underwater sound ambiance. The vehicle team has been hard at work not just on the Cherrier FCV platform vehicles but also a remaster of some of our older vehicles. In this release, we are focusing on Gavril, with remastering taking place on the Roamer, D- and H-Series.

To better guide our development efforts in the future we have implemented an optional game session data collection system. This collects limited game session data on things like which maps players are using, the vehicles they are driving and the additional features they have enabled or disabled. This data is anonymized before any of our employees have access to it and the collection is entirely on an opt-in basis. Those of you who are ok with us collecting this game session data can give us permission to do so in the game settings menu. This permission can be withdrawn at any time. We have also updated our privacy policy to include what data we collect, how to opt in and out of the data collection and how to request the deletion of your data.

Let’s dive into the details. We hope you enjoy this update!




Drive Modes










Game Engine

Thumbnails Script





Flowgraph Editor

Racepath Editor

Track Builder


The new in-game console officially replaces the old Torque3D one (still available if you press Shift+Tilde). The main advantage of the new console is that you can now filter logs lines and even search for specific things. The console is still a work in progress and will probably see additional significant changes in future releases.

Game Session Information

World Editor




An up-to-date list of known issues can be found in the dedicated Feedback & Bug Reporting Thread here.

How to update the game.


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