Festive Update v0.24.1 Released

Surprise! This holiday season, we’re bringing you a little extra happiness by releasing this special content update.

Bruckell Bastion

The Bastion joins the vehicle line-up as the most powerful muscle car currently available. It offers potentially over 1000 HP, while the modern chassis means that it can do more than just go in a straight line - yes, the Bruckell Bastion can actually turn!

Its rugged power and size make it a favourite with police, while the stability and traction help bring the Bastion under control. With a variety of customization options including police parts, as well as Tuner, Lifted, Drift Rocket and track versions, the Bastion embodies everything you love about the traditional American muscle power, reimagined through the modern design language.

Civetta Bolide Remaster

The Civetta Bolide is getting a complete remaster in this update. This includes a jbeam overhaul, new textures, factory-fresh remodels, turbo variants, and a targa top body. It’s basically a new car under the hood, but with the same sleek style you loved from the original.

ETK Driving Center Remaster & PBR Updates

The ETK Driver Experience Centre map is getting a complete remaster, with new vegetation, improved AI pathing, improved meshes, updated graphics and 3D assets. The Experience Centre’s terrain and road asphalt has also been upgraded to PBR.

We’re also continuing the PBR upgrade process with new terrain and road materials for the Industrial, Gridmap, Hirochi Raceway, and Derby maps. We’re doing our bit for public safety by adding night lights on the Industrial, Hirochi, and ETK Driver Experience Centre. Utah’s campsite is also getting night lights.

You’re also getting a nice boost to missions, with a new mission type and a score of added missions. The new type is called Delivery, and involves delivering various types of cargo to target areas. The missions come in a variety of formats, and may include traffic or time limits. We’re also adding two more Drift missions – one on Industrial and one on Automation. Industrial is also getting a new Gymkhana mission, and Jungle Rock Island is getting a Long Jump mission. Italy’s airport landing strip is getting a Drag Race mission, which is almost three times as long as the regular drag strip.

And just to round things off, we are also including a number of map fixes, bug fixes, and tweaks.

Check out the full patch notes here for further details!


BeamNG Major Updates

Festive Update v0.24.1 Released
BeamNG.drive v0.24.1 release highlights
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