Deprecation of DirectX10 support

The relentless march of technology brings with it many improvements but also requires us to make difficult decisions.

Adapting our rendering technology to utilise the maximum potential of modern DirectX libraries means that supporting older DirectX versions has become increasingly difficult and introduces instabilities into the game for all users. DirectX10 was first introduced with Microsoft Vista back in 2007, 11 years ago, and both Nvidia and AMD stopped supporting DirectX10 in their driver development several years ago

Though it has been possible to run on DirectX10 graphics cards, this did not meet our minimum system requirements, which have called for DirectX11 for some time. The developer resources required to maintain functionality on DirectX10 graphics cards has reached the point where continued support is not sustainable. It is for this reason that we have had to make the decision to cease ongoing support of DirectX10 in the same way we had to stop supporting the now 17 years old DirectX9.

We have made available a branch of the DX10 game client in Steam. This branch will not be updated beyond this point.

You can find instruction on how to use it here.

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