Forum Rules

BeamNG forum is a dedicated place where players, creators, and developers can exchange their ideas and feedback for the betterment of the game. We expect everyone to communicate in a respectful, polite, and friendly manner. By accessing and using BeamNG forums you agree to the following rules and policies as well as our Terms of Service.

Community Guidelines

Treat other members of the community with respect.

Keep discussions civil and constructive. Don’t encourage or participate in trolling, spamming, harassment, or rumor-mongering. Avoid real-life topics as they might cause controversy.

Avoid personal attacks, profanity, religious, political, or other inappropriate remarks. Please consider that there is a real person on the other side of the screen, do not escalate conflicts.

Keep discussions constructive.

Create threads in appropriate sections of the forum. Always review section and thread’s guidelines before replying.

Only post meaningful and constructive messages. Remember that posts containing only emoticons, “bump”, “first” and similar single-word exclamations, and other throwaway comments do not add value to the discussion.

English is currently our official language and should be used on the forums by all participants. If you have to post a message in a different language, please provide at least a roughly translated version as a courtesy to other members of the community.

Avoid off-topic, cross-posting, and resurrecting old threads. Try using the forum search function before creating a new thread.

Restrict roleplay discussions to private messages or external platforms to avoid confusion.

Be reasonable.

Use post formatting appropriately. Never post messages in all caps or messages that break forum layout, and don’t attempt to bypass our profanity filters by replacing letters with symbols or abbreviating offensive words.

Don’t publish unsolicited advertisements in posts, reviews, direct messages, or user profiles.

Use username, picture, bio, and signature for their intended purpose only.

Be helpful.

Avoid backseat moderation. Use the Report button to notify our staff about inappropriate behavior. Distance yourself from the discussion if it’s clearly turned toxic.

Don’t engage in conflicts or discuss moderation actions publicly.

Don’t re-create locked or deleted threads.

Forum Rules

Users found in breach of these rules will receive sanctions as outlined in the policy below, and their published content may be altered or removed.

  1. User profiles

    1. Usernames, profile pictures, signatures, and bios must not contain inappropriate content.
    2. Usernames cannot be modified once selected. If your username contains an error or reveals personally identifiable information, contact support@beamng.com
    3. User profiles may not be shared or transferred.
    4. It’s prohibited to create and use alternative accounts for any purpose.
  2. Content

    1. Posts and threads may not contain:

      1. Personal attacks
      2. Profanity
      3. Religious or political remarks
      4. Hate speech
      5. Racism, sexism, or other forms of discrimination
      6. Off-topic content
      7. Unsolicited advertisement (including links to Discord servers)
      8. Pornography
      9. Malware or other harmful content
      10. False information
      11. Content published without the author’s explicit permission (also see: Mod Section Rules)
      12. Promotion or encouragement of illegal behavior, substances, or content
      13. Private communication or information
      14. Disturbing content (gore, violence, NSFW)
    2. Additionally, posts and threads should not:

      1. Duplicate an existing thread
      2. Duplicate a locked or deleted thread
      3. Be created with the purpose of bashing or ranting about other forum users or their content
  3. Conduct

    The following types of conduct are strictly prohibited:

    1. Impersonation
    2. Trolling and bullying
    3. Harassment
    4. Doxing
    5. Spamming
    6. Phishing
    7. Rumor-mongering
    8. Discussions of moderation, warnings, or bans
    9. Forum tools abuse, including rating system, tagging, and post formatting

Sanctions Policy

The content found in breach of the rules and guidelines will be altered or removed upon review. A user will receive a notification about this. In cases of repeated offenses, we will proceed with a warning or a ban.

  • 1st offense – warning
  • 2nd offense/warning – additional warning
  • 3rd offense/warning – final warning
  • 4th offense/warning – 7-day ban
  • 5th offense/warning – 30-day ban
  • Further offenses – permanent ban

Warnings are cumulative, including across alternative accounts when they’re found, and expire after 90 days.

Severe offenses will be met with an immediate and permanent ban instead of following the warning system.

Each case will be reviewed individually and received sanctions may deviate from the information above.

Appeals can be submitted to support@beamng.com. Include your forum username, explanation of the behavior which led to sanctions, and an argument in favor of reinstatement of forum privileges.

Permanent bans cannot be appealed for 6 months.

Last updated: July 16th, 2020