Beta ETK-I 3.0L F1 I6 Engine (FIRST MOD!!) 0.7

New high performence engine for the etk!

  1. Nathaniel McGuire
    I've build a lot of new configs for the ETK-I but finally I decided to make a mod for it, all I really did was take the vanilla 3.0L I6 and I tweaked it to have F1 car performance. (maybe a little more.. xD) but it is in it's own config so you can just hop in the game and try it out, it is customizable so you can tweak it yourself, and you can use it in other vanilla versions of the ETK-I
    this is my very first mod so expect bugs, but I spent a good amount of time testing it to make sure it had none, so enjoy!! ;)
    I recommend downloading this mod with it as well
    it adds an aftermarket transmission onto the car making the vehicle work much better then with a vanilla transmission.

    20200105221951_1.jpg 20200105223113_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. Rio_Grande
    Version: 0.7
    Nice mod! It has a nice power band, and sounds epic! I also see what you did with the thumbnail picture, a Jeep 4.0! ;)
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