Ultrawide Aftermarket Transmission Package 1.0

A massively wide range of adjustable aftermarket transmissions available for your vehicle of choice!

  1. GreenYellowOwl

    Supports all official BeamNG.drive vehicles.

    • Lightweight file size (less than 40 KB)
    • A highly customizable aftermarket transmission for every official BeamNG.drive vehicle.
    • Each transmission contains 5 gearbox types:
      • AT (Automatic)
      • CVT (Continuously Variable/Adjustable)
        • High throttle gear ratio
        • Low throttle gear ratio
        • High throttle RPM
        • Low throttle RPM
      • DCT (Dual-Clutch)
      • MT (Manual)
      • ST (Sequential)
    • Adjustable aftermarket torque converter for AT, and CVT gearboxes*.
      • Diameter
      • Stiffness
      • Coupling AV ratio
      • Stall ratio
      • Maximum clutch lockup torque
      • Inertia
      • Minimum clutch lockup RPM
      • Minimum clutch lockup gear
    • Adjustable aftermarket clutch for MT and ST gearboxes*:
      • Inertia
      • Weight
    • Wide range of adjustable gear numbers:
      • 1-10 gears (AT/DCT/ST)
      • 1-7 gear (MT)
      • 4-11, 13 and 18 gears (Gavril T-Series and Wentward DT40L)
    • Automatic downshifting in manual mode can be enabled/disabled for AT, CVT and DCT gearboxes.
    • Automatic layouts for AT, CVT and DCT gearboxes:
      • PRND, PRND1, PRND2, PRND21
    *T-Series and DT40L have their own customizable clutch/torque converter.

Recent Reviews

  1. Kirakat
    Version: 1.0
    The only Transmission mod that's needed, It has the ability to make Every transmission that I've needed out side of drag cars! The only issues involve transbrake, It doesn't currently have the ability to have a transbrake.
    And I'd enjoy seeing a PRNS, PRNM auto gear modes!
  2. Tom Foolery
    Tom Foolery
    Version: 1.0
    Out of all the transmission mods on the repository, this one takes the cake. The amount of stupid fun you can have by putting a wimpy CVT on a Hillclimb SBR4 or a 10-speed racing DCT on a lawnmower-powered Piccolina is endless. Great for racing, too, since it lets you customize your vehicle to get the best performance. With regard to CVTs, I'm still partial to using default0.0player's versions with custom logic, but this is still incredibly versatile. If updates come in the future, I'd love to see new exotic types of transmissions if possible, such as something like a Buick Dynaflow, or maybe a full eCVT conversion, but that's asking for a tremendous amount of work, so I don't want to push. Overall, fantastic mod, one of the best utility/customization mods out there.
  3. Hemi J
    Hemi J
    Version: 1.0
    All the customization we ever needed! Is there a way to make this work for vehicle mods?
  4. DeathlyPuncake
    Version: 1.0
    nice mod !
  5. flybynighter
    Version: 1.0
    Very adjustable, very good mod. Only thing I would like to see added would be a trans brake for drag racing with it.
  6. SupremeDalek73
    Version: 1.0
    This is a great mod but is it possible to have Manual Mode only for the DCT?
  7. anselme
    Version: 1.0
    JUST PERFECT. just what we needed
  8. v8william
    Version: 1.0
    What an amazing mod youve made! This is absoluteley a 5-star mod. Its easy to use, has loads of options and is just what you would want from a gearbox mod! I do have one request though:

    At some point, the DCT transmissions became wierd in this game. Now it feels like the car jumps a bit and generally, it is now very smooth gearchanges the gearbox makes. When setting off with "realistic traffic driving throttle input" it shifts so hard from first to second and second to third and cuts the throttle for a 'long' period.

    If i put it in manual, give it quite a bit more trottle and shift like a real transmission would if you where driving normally (shifting early) it is much more smooth and realistic. (Please try it yourself)

    I dont know if this is just because ive only driven in very modern german cars with modern DSGs (2018 A5, 2019 Polo GTI, 2020 Passat...).

    Is there any way that you could make a DCT gearbox that shifts much faster and doesnt cut the power (shifts like when i put it in manual)?
    I will pay good money over PayPal if you could make one for me :-)

    If you want it, i can make a YouTube video demonstrating my 'problem' :-)

    Best regards, William
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