WIP Beta released Wolfsword Customs Gavril Bandit Runner Config for Gravil D15 Bandito

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    Feb 25, 2016

    A chime sounded when the door opened.

    Blackwolf looked up from his workbench, cluttered with odds and ends of experimental circuit boards and engineering samples.

    "Someone said you needed a runner."

    The man that walked in was clearly nervous. Was it because he was new to this, or was there something bigger going on?

    Blackwolf forcibly cleared his thoughts. Whatever was going on was clearly none of his business. He was just there to do his job, no questions asked.

    Even if it could devastatingly land him in hot water.

    When he received a call, Blackwolf didn't ask who it was on the other line, or what the purpose for the job is. As long as they had the money, he'll get the work done.

    Travailleur sans frontières.

    "Boss said you had somethin' for me," the man said, in a somewhat heavy southern accent.

    "I do."

    Blackwolf reached for the key hanging on a hook next to the doorway leading to the garage.

    "This way, please."

    Through the doorway, inside the garage, was Blackwolf's latest contract: an old Gavril Bandit Runner.

    The man looked confused.

    "Something wrong?"

    "Boss ordered this?"

    "He wanted something in a short amount of time and easily repairable. This Bandit is the closest you'll get to that."

    "This thing off-world ready? Sure as hell doesn't look like it."

    "The engine is equipped with a specialized intake system to accept various fuels. There's also hookups for oxygen and nitrogen gasses in the event the atmosphere isn't suitable for usage conditions."

    "What's the powerplant? Turbine-electric?"

    "V-ten with stage three compressor. Much more rugged."


    "Four wheel drive. Will get you almost over anything."


    "Nothing fancy, pretty standard. Just don't land really hard and you'll be okay."


    "Not my specialty in this particular case. You guys will have to figure it out."

    Blackwolf was starting to get irritated. He flicked the keys over to the man.

    "Look, I don't have time to be interrogated. Either take this thing out of here or leave it."

    Blackwolf hit the garage door opener then headed back to his workbench.

    More work needs to be done.


    Hey everyone, hope you like that little lore I put up there. This is my first time putting something something up on these forums.

    What I have here is a configuration for the Gavril Bandito. This thing is ridiculously stupid.

    So I did it.

    I put in a V10 with a stage III supercharger, a race high performance radiator, and the suspension from "the Pig."

    This is kind of a "mod of mods" type deal, and unfortunately I have no idea where most of these mod parts came from which set of mods, hence why I am putting up an image of what parts I used, since I'm short on time.

    The Bandit does have a tendency to shift ever so slightly to the right. I'm currently trying to figure out how to fix it.

    Hope you like it!

    Original Gavril Bandito Mod by Reactor_4aec: https://www.beamng.com/resources/d15-bandito.3212/

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