Which Vehicles Would You Choose for a Second Round of Promised Releases?

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    Nov 9, 2016
    With the Gavril Bluebuck firmly in-game and work presumably progressing on the Soliad Wendover, The BeamNG development team will have furnished the game with all of the vehicles it has promised and permitted the community to vote on for the first time in nearly seven years. (Early this seven-year period, twelve vehicles were released in a series of two polls, with the community voting non-definitively to influence release order. It should also be noted that thirteen vehicles were added either prior to the polls or as 'surprise' vehicles).

    This, of course, deserves a round of applause! The BeamNG development team as a whole has worked long and hard to reach this milestone, and are no doubt glad to see it approaching in the near future. Each and every one of those promised vehicles so far has been a rousing success with the community upon release and has been carefully crafted to a high standard, and we have no reason to doubt the Wendover will be any different.

    Now, with the end of this particular road nearly in sight, hopes are high amongst the community that vehicle development will continue, and that we as the community will get to come along for the ride with preview images much like the ones that helped to get interest in the game started:

    Now, I should hasten to add a disclaimer for the sake of community members, who I hope will behave themselves accordingly as a result:

    The development team is under no obligations to the community to produce any vehicles further than the ones they promised, of which the Wendover is the last. Should the development team decide to produce any further vehicles, they are also under no obligations to provide any sort of poll or preview images, and is not even obligated to provide a certain number of them if they do decide to provide them. This thread is purely a thought exercise designed by myself to gauge community interest, and is not official or binding in any way.

    With that said, I'd like to know what community members would put in those nine slots. (one poll showcased eight upcoming cars, and the other ten, so I've decided to split the difference for this little game). Which vehicle archetypes would you like to see?

    For the purposes of keeping some sort of order, I'd like to ask that:
    • Forum members restrict themselves to a list of nine or fewer vehicles
    • A brief, but at least two-sentence reasoning for the inclusion of each vehicle added to the list is provided.
    • Lists are ordered from the vehicle you want most (first) to vehicle you want least (last) to further help gauge interest.
    • Forum members refrain from posting more than one list (remember that you can go back and edit your post if you change your mind)
    • Forum members refrain from asking for vehicles that are wholesale copies of a single specific real-life vehicle.(however, mentioning of features of particular vehicles to help describe the features of their ideal Beamng vehicles is strongly encouraged)
    • Forum members refrain from asking for rumored vehicles (including those off of the 'concept list' - if any of those come, there is reason to believe will probably come as 'surprise' vehicles)
    So, if you were sitting in the dev team's place, would you preview another round, and if so, what would you show off?

    Remember, the question isn't just what you would like to see! It's more a question of which vehicles you think would get good reception from the community, and which vehicles are needed to build a well-rounded game.
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    Mar 26, 2016
    For me, it'd have to be some of the vehicles they talked about before, and some of the ones mentioned on that old list. I'm sorry to bring it up, but a part of me just can't shut up about it.

    So, here's my list. The first. second, and fourth vehicles were introduced by the devs at one point or another, and would make my list of vehicles that I'd personally include if I worked as a content creator on BeamNG.

    1. Civetta Fulmine
    My reasoning: So far when it comes to Civetta, we only have the Bolide, which was the only Italian car before the introduction of the Piccolina. And from gabester's description in the past, of it being a 2 +2 GT akin to something like a Maserati 3500 GT, this car sounds badass. I would champion the addition of this car until the day I die, I just love the idea behind it.

    2. Charmand 1304 B
    My reasoning: We have no cars from France, and gabester mentioned that this car would be a French hatchback. I see a lot of potential in it, considering a lot of French hatchbacks also play roles in European racing. Also, the Covet is the only Hatchback in the game, so the Charmand would give us another one to play with. This is another car that I'd champion for its addition until I died, it's too good to pass up.

    3. A Jargl of some kind.
    My reasoning: We also lack cars from Sweden, and there's plenty of Swedish cars that BeamNG could use as inspirations. I've always imagined the mentioned Jargl DT825 being something like the Volvo PV Series, but it doesn't necessarily has to be that. At least one car that I'd love to see get introduced as a Jargl would be something like the Volvo 200 Series. Also, a 200 Series based Jargl could potentially have several body options, including a coupe, sedan, and a station wagon.

    4. Bruckell Albatross.
    My reasoning: The sketch gabester did, showed a pretty neat car. This looks like it could be a really big, 70's yacht, more so than the Moonhawk. I wouldn't be too mad if it ended up getting snapped Thanos style, considering similarities it could have to the Moonhawk, but it would still be a lovely addition.

    Now, here's that I'd do personally do. I have more ideas that gets me up to nine, but I'm too short on time ATM.

    5. A minivan.
    My reasoning: After all this time, we lack an official minivan. Of course, Re:Z_IA was kind enough to be the first person to successfully fill an empty void with her fantastic Ibishu Kashira, which can at least satisfy us until the day an official one is added. When it comes to my idea of an official minivan, I'd pick at least three minivans to add, two of my choices being the first generation Chrysler minivan, and the Dodge Grand Caravan. Don't really have an idea for a third one though.

    6. Something based on the DeLorean DMC-12.
    My reasoning: Why not? It's one of the most iconic cars ever made, thanks in part to its appearance in Back to the Future. Even outside of BTTF, I like this car, and dream of one day driving one. If a car based on a DeLorean was added, a configuration for Light Runner mode would be a MUST. On my end, In the past, I've imagined a BeamNG DeLorean blending features from other 80's cars, one example in particular, having an option for second gen Toyota Supra style hidden headlights, which would make it the second vehicle after the Barstow to have both exposed and hidden headlights.

    I have to cut my list there for now. I'll finish it when I have time.
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  3. Confused_Deer43

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    Jun 8, 2013
    More variety would be sweet, e.g. modern hot hatch, double decker bus, more EV's and an official mini van as stated above me
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  4. YellowRusty

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    Nov 9, 2016
    I may as well throw my list in:

    Late Fifties (say, sometime between 1955 and 1959) American Pickup Truck
    With the D-series having been around since day one, and the Roamer and H-series arriving not long after, the light trucks segment has been largely under-represented. American trucks of this era have cemented their place in popular culture and various strains of automotive culture due to their unique forms and simple, durably hardworking nature. It would open many story opportunities for scenario creation or career mode to have a truck older than the D-series, and it would be nice to finally have something where having only a single cab available allows for bed/frame length options.

    Sixties British Front-Engined Cabover Van

    The dev team have shown themselves willing to play with expectations by making the game's first rear-engine air-cooled car Italian. It may be time to take a similar twist while bringing in a new country by releasing the other half of the bug/bus equation from a country most wouldn't expect. Britain had a surprisingly varied history of one-box vans that differed from the famous T1 by sticking the engine up front. This vehicle would bring a whole new silhouette to the game, unlike anything we've had before

    Mid-Seventies (say, a production start of 1974 or 1975) Austrailian Utility
    It's high time we got a little more right-hand-drive machinery in the game, especially for the sake of the dev team's Australian contingent and with the existence of a map based in New Zealand. Again, a new silhouette is needed, and the light trucks umbrella is the ideal place to find it. This would be like nothing else currently in the game, and scratch a long-term itch in the community. It would also provide a basis for an Australian full-size car and panel truck of similar shape to the Holden Sandman.

    Late Seventies/Early Eighties German D-segment Entry-level Fastback Sports Car
    By way of explanation, D-segment refers to the larger end of European cars - I'm thinking of something here with a wedged shape similar to an Opel Manta B or first-generation VW Scirocco. Something more or less like the German equivalent to the third-generation Chevrolet Camaro. 2+2 seating is a must for this car, as is the rally variant.

    Seventies-to-Eighties (say, sometime between 1971 and 1985) Compact Japanese Pickup Truck
    Maybe a Hirochi? Curiously, we have no Japanese vehicles from the era where they were really starting to gain ground in the U.S. market. Compact trucks of this era are popular with everyone from drifters to four-wheel drive enthusiasts, and would probably be considered indestructible if rust did not exist. One only has to watch videos of these things being driven in the rallies of the day to know that they hold up under the sort of abuse routinely dished out by BeamNG players. We could even experiment a little with the real-world automotive timeline by sticking a rotary in one of the configurations.

    Four-cylinder Mid-engine Car
    Any era, any country. With midengined cars almost solely the realm of bespoke supercars, several real-life manufacturers have set out to lower the price barrier to this well-handling layout. Why should Beamng be any different? This would be an especially good vehicle to have ready before career mode becomes part of the game.

    Gull-winged Eighties Sports Car
    Wedge-shaped, underpowered for its weight, and with a body made from a material you normally wouldn't expect in a country you normally wouldn't expect a car from. Like the Irish DeLorean or Canadian Bricklin SV-1. Bonus points for awesome eighties alloy wheels and engine swap options that make it drive almost as fast as it looks. May or may not intersect with the above vehicle.

    Seventies British Three-box Compact Coupe
    A small, plucky little car with its trunk on the outside of the passenger compartment. This one would have a sliding scale of configurations. The lower-end ones would call to mind the Morris Marina, slowly trending towards the Ford Escort as trim levels, suspension components, and engine displacement increase. The rally variant on this car would be a terror to competitors, with its light weight permitting excellent airtime.

    Mid-2000s American Retro-Styled Vehicle
    The mid-to-late 2000s saw a surprising surge of retro-styled vehicles as American manufacturers found their footing and tried to figure out the next generation of styling as it became clear that the jellybean shapes of pure wind-tunnel aero were not going to be the future. From the revival of the muscle car (2005 Mustang & Camaro) to the '30s-style people mover (Chevy HHR & Chrysler PT Cruiser), to the strange one-offs (Chevrolet SSR & Plymouth Prowler), there's a lot of interesting machinery to pull from in the era.

    Now, of course, I'd like to mention an Eighties American Minivan, but to put that on my list proper would be to violate my own rules. I'd also like to put in a Eighties European Cabover Heavy Truck, but that wouldn't be entirely honest either because heavy vehicles seem not to appear in the polls. Presumably that's because of the greater involvement and development required for heavy vehicles. If I were a dev, I wouldn't put either of those vehicles into the polls, but I'd definitely have them planned for surprise releases.

    2005-to-2010 French or Swedish Four-door Hatchback
    Nothing much, just an average European commuter hatchback with some sporting 'hot hatch' variants. Good for European maps and plugging that particularly annoying hole currently in our vehicle timeline. Four-door because the only hatch we currently have is the two-door covet, and French or Swedish for that uniquely French or Swedish styling.
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  5. Copunit12

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    Jan 13, 2015
    So we got 9. Ok I can make do. So in my list is more of make priority than just a random list. Some vehicles that I hope for are already a mod but mods can become abandoned or break the game with every update. Some are just my personal wishes but others are based my community info. Dates are possible start productions dates.
    1. ETK Truck 1975-present (lorry, semi truck ect). Yes I know the ETK 6000 & 4000 Series exist (link) but think about having something to properly look on Italy along with competing with the Gavril T series as an official vehicle. Whether it's old or new it don'st matter it just needs to be designed for the European market and sold for it.
    2. Some sort of Minivan 1995-present. This has been a very popular request. While I'm not sure who which current American manufacture should make it I would wish for Bruckell to get it since Gavril has more vehicles than everyone else. Now I'm not sure why people want it more than other types, BUT it's either the most requested or 2nd most requested vehicle I have seen on the forums since I've joined.
    3. Modern SUV 2012-present. As with the Minivan this is also highly requested. The reason why I think this is that most people under 20 (majority of the beamng.drive community whether you like it or not) have grown up with a SUV since they are the #1 family car type in the world now. They want to see how their family car works (crashes cough cough) and how they would do with it. What is the average efficiency and what similar versions of this vehicle may exist. Yes we have the Gavril, Roamer but many younger people don't see this as a "real" suv and they see it as a truck suv combo (which is how suv's were in North America back then rather than the car suv you have now). I would suggest that either ETK, Gavril, Bruckell, Ibishu or Hirochi should be the manufacture.
    4. Hyper car 2010-present. This is one of the oldest request but one of the hardest due to how nodes work at high speed collisions. This vehicle should make the fastest Hirochi, SBR4 look slow in it's fastest configuration.
    5. 1920's american affordable car-pickup truck 1915-1930. Wind up or key started, lead gas only. Slow and weak but has lots of history. Wood being a main part of the car- truck adding a hole new way to break the vehicle along with the sound of wood.
    6. Hybrid 2005-present. Think about being able to pick between slow but saving fuel losing battery or losing fuel and saving battery. This could be one of the longest gauntlet vehicles in the game.
    7. Soviet car-sedan 1950-1990. Why this thing why at all, we have so many sedans. Well you see the thing about many soviet era sedan's is that they just change generations along with rural soviet people modifying their (difficult to acquire) personal cars. So you got many scrap make configurations and dirt racing cars.
    8. Soviet truck 1950-1990. Nothing beats a big old diesel guzzling, environmental failure, roiling coal harder than the UK during the 1800's, 2mph fighting a river, with, truck. Think about the durability making the T-series looking like it's made out of tinfoil.
    9. Cab Tractor 1970-present. Why this well look at Italy, ECUSA and even WCUSA. Someone got to plow, cultivate, sow, fertilize, spray, and depending on crop harvest those feilds along with mowing the grass on the side of the road and grading the sand at the race courses. Along with adding more map connection tractors are great mud boggers along with tug rope fighters. (also apparently there are short Baja like races but I did not look to far into it). There are also some advantaged that the T-series can't compete with and that's the shear volume of different variants that one model can hold regarding size. I suggest to look at https://www.lamborghini-tractors.com/en-eu/ to get good examples.

    1 more thing I want to mentioned but don't belong above it could just be a configuration of current vehicles but I'll add it.
    A armored vehicle- configuration would be a very interesting addition to the game. I'm not taking about a tank, or something with firepower just the armor. Armored Bank car for example. The H series and or T-series is basically ready to take the mantel. Slap the ram plow on it and watch it move everything out of the way with it's suped up engine.

    To wrap up I'll need to revisit this to make some fixes and add more since I wrote this between 1am-2am while getting over a nasty cold so yea.
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  6. MisterKenneth

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    Mar 26, 2016
    Okay, here's part 2 of my list, which is 7, 8, and 9. All of these would be vehicles that I would add to BeamNG if I was a content creator.

    7. Early - mid - late 2000's SUV, based particularly on the Pontiac Aztek
    My reasoning: Honestly, a part of me is really interested in this SUV, due in part to the reactions it gets from people. While people consider it one of the ugliest, if not, THE ugliest SUV ever made, I have a bit of a soft spot for it, and don't really think it's the ugliest thing I ever saw. I've seen customized vehicles that look a million times worse. As for its role in BeamNG, it would fill several roles that has yet to be filled, the first being another SUV after the Gavril Roamer, the second being that it would address the lack of 2000 era vehicles, and of course, I could see it potentially being a Soliad, meaning that the Wendover wouldn't end up being the lone Soliad. While the Pontiac Aztek would be its main source of inspiration, I would blend in features from other SUVs from the same era, one example being its corporate cousin the Buick Rendezvous.

    8. A tie for something from Russia and Britain
    My reasoning: I found myself unable to make these 8 and 9 separately, considering cars from these countries would be great additions, so I had to make them one and the same. Also, see 9 for another reason. When it comes to exactly what kind of cars, I have no ideas for something Russian, so I'd likely hold a vote and let the community decide what Russian vehicle would be added. I do have one name for a Russian company though: VMAZ, meaning Vikentiy Moskva Avtomobilny Zavod, based on how I've seen Russian automobile manufacturers do their names, like GAZ (Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) for example.

    As for Britain, I have more defined ideas. I do have one car that literally came from my dreams, a car that looked like the Austin 1100 from a company called Charaid. To make it more unique, I'd also blend in elements from other cars like the Ford Anglia.

    9. Either one or at least two cabover semi(s)
    My reasoning: This is a popular one I've seen among people here, and I have to say I agree with them. I would be conflicted about what era and what country it came from so in the end I'd probably add both a classic American cabover, and a modern European cabover to shut that conflict in me up entirely. I'd chose to make the classic American cabover NOT a Gavril, opting for either Bruckell, Wentward, or an entirely new company.

    I could honestly go further than nine, but since @YellowRusty suggested a limit of nine or less, I'd have to make some sacrifices and stop here. So, there you have it. There's my two cents on this subject.
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  7. CaptainZoll

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    Nov 10, 2016
    My list:
    This thing would be your typical early 1920s-1930 american people's car, similar overall versatility to a ford model T, but perhaps starting 5-10 years later, so a bit more rounded body shape, aesthetically more like a chevrolet 490 (left).
    as far as body styles go, you could have so many body styles, though you wouldn't have to do all of them;
    hardtop and softtop 2 and 4 door sedans, a coachbuilt town car/landaulet, a roadster/coupe, a pickup, a roadster pickup, a woody wagon, sedan delivery, even a stripped- down speedster, etc.
    1922_Chevrolet_490_Touring.jpg 47421773_491327773457758_OrigR24R641R667R696.jpg
    of course, a truck version would also be included, probably a bit more beefed up than the model TT (the image shown is a ford AA, and while it's a 1931, later than the gavril would be, it has the amount of reinforcement I would expect, such as floating axles and steel wheels.) the truck, and some later high-end trims would also come with a flathead V8, just to give some extra variety, (similar to the "optimistic" engine sizing seen in the piccolina's 1500cc), and probably a wider radiator/engine cowl with it.
    again, with this, you could have flatbeds, dump trucks, C-cab vans, the list goes on.
    of course, you would also include a bunch of hot rod configs, everything from a stealthy flathead swapped moonshine runner, to a flashy, period correct 423 swapped, likely terrible to drive, crazy 60's hot rod (left), to a modern 6.9 v8 turbo hot rod, set up for deliberate drag racing.
    1920-ford-t-bucket-front.jpg Bad-Daddy-Braddys-1000-HP-LS-Powered-T-Bucket-1280x720.png
    Again, the devs wouldn't necessarily have to make all of these parts, as there's a heck of a lot, but it would certainly leave room for modders.
    An experimental flagship cherrier model of the 1950s, It would be a mixture of primarily a Citroën DS and Panhard Dyna Z, but any mid-century experimental luxury inspiration would be welcome, the weirder, the better.

    this would be the first car with technologies such as hydropneumatic suspension, a centre mounted headlamp, and wankel engines, as well as the 3rd 20th century european car, and by far the earliest FWD car, the second being the covet.
    If we were to stick to only this list of 9 vehicles, it would be possible to add a more advanced modern management system to the suspension, to give the inevitable slightly memey racing versions the frighteningly good handling of a more modern Citroën.
    as far as content goes there's not a massive amount of potential, perhaps some aforementioned rotary engine versions and the generic tuned/race/rally/hillclimb formula, but the driving experience of a standard version alone would be worth it.
    I may be biased since i'm watching superfastmatt's Jaguar mk5 Tesla conversion on youtube, but I've developed quite the fetish interest in around-wwii-era british luxury/GT cars.

    I'm thinking a mix of a Riley RMA, Bentley 41/4 litre, Humber Super Snipe, and Jaguar Mk4.
    this would probably span roughly 1936-1949, to keep it out of the Burnside and Reflexion's field, as well as not being early enough to get in the way of the Gavril standard.
    the Charlestonhamshirebury (and yes, that's what I'm calling it, deal with it) would come with a respectably advanced OHC inline 6 engine, driving the rear wheels through some kind of weird trailing-arm style setup.
    it's much lower slung and tighter handling than the burnside, but more powerful and with more sporting potential than the cherrier, and substantially more advanced than the gavril, even if 12-year-olds say they look the same.
    As far as variants go, this thing is sorted, you could chop the chassis short and make a 2 seat roadster, or lengthen it, and give it a taller "pullman" style body, you could even go f u l l w o o d and give it a coachbuilt style "shooting-brake" body, from the first times when that term was used.

    I feel like there's also room for a "Camberwell handling package" in there somewhere, that name is just too good to pass up...
    this thing would be a typical modern (ish) supercar, with a combination of styling from the huracan and 458/488.
    ferrari-458.jpg Lamborghini_Huracan_20150525_7811.jpg
    like the audi R8, it could have both V10 and V8 (probably flatplane in keeping with the bolide) options, with AWD available on higher end models.
    The reason I chose a "mid range" supercar rather than a hypercar, is beause this thing could plausibly have racing trims, something like a GT3/super trofeo version,
    and even some custom versions, maybe with aftermarket twin turbos and a "turbo rabbit" widebody.
    I think this thing manages to fill both the early 2000s car and the crossover gap, all while fitting in with hirochi's general feel.
    this would likely be mechanically based off an imaginary-previous-generation-sunburst, or maybe a more camry/liberty/pessima sized thing, having similar 1.8 and 2.0 (and perhaps 2.4?) inline 4 engines.
    styling wise, it could be similar to a subaru forester, honda cr-v, and toyota highlander/kluger (offtopic, but what's with the "kluger" and "kuga" naming s**t? what's wrong with "highlander" and "escape"?!)
    2004-Toyota-Highlander-FrontSide_TTHIG041_505x375.jpg 2006-Subaru-Forester-FrontSide_STFORXT061_505x375.jpg 2003-Honda-CR-V-44K-2017-20182018-201920172018.jpg
    ...but anyway, it'd have that sort of boxy styling, and AWD standard on most models.
    you could have quite a diverse amount of stock configs: from a two-tone FWD Base model karenmobile, to a forester STI-style "sport RS" Version.

    and custom configs would also be quite diverse, from a light overlanding vehicle (lift,bullbar,roofrack/mud tires, etc.) to a tuner version (with lowered coilovers, big wheels/brakes, turbo, a bodykit, etc.)

    come to think of it, considering hirochi's no stranger to electric cars, having the eSBR, it wouldn't be unreasonable for this the have a california-spec Electric version, maybe even with unique bodywork.
    this would be your typical modern (some time from 2006-modern) kind of sporty V8 RWD sedan.
    it could be a sort of mix of a dodge charger/300C, Holden commodore/G8/SS, and ford falcon.

    For now, I'll propose it's a mid-late 2000s car.
    it could have both LHD and RHD variants, with being sold in both the US and Australia, (like the VE commodore and WM Caprice being sold in america as the G8 and caprice ppv respectively, though the car could originate design-wise from america.)
    It would, of course have the angular, sporty, kind-of-retro styling found on the 1st gen charger and VE commodore.
    engines would of course be a 3.6-ish V6 and perhaps a 5.0 and 6.2 v8 for performance versions, and would have independent suspension all round.
    an AWD option could be considered, akin to and AWD dodge charger or Holden Adventra.

    sedan, wagon, and perhaps ute bodies could be included, though i would suggest the wagon would be more like the BA falcon/VZ commodore, being a more "i'm your dad" old fashioned long-wheelbase utilitarian wagon, to keep it clear of the ETK 800.
    as for performance versions, some kind of factory-tuned straight-line-mobile (like a hellcat/hsv w427) could even be included, of course with more reasonable performance versions between.

    I suggested this vehicle, as it fulfills not only the role of a modern muscle car, but also a modern australian car, and an american and australian cop car, all at once.
    I'm surprised no one else has considered something like this.

    a nice bland, probably diesel, super boring european MPV, that would fit so well into italy or ETKDEC that you wouldn't even notice it.
    it could be a cherrier, an autobello, or some other new brand.
    If you made a panda 4x4 style version, you could call it the cargot, in reference to the tograc.
    I don't know what else to say. it's just so perfectly boring.
    perhaps this could be released on april 1st or something, it would go well with the pigeon as a cheap slow, funny vehicle, or even as a cheap offroader/trailer hauling vehicle. it would be at home in any european map, perhaps even in maps like ecusa. it could even potentially have an engine swapped version (civetta V8?), making for an interesting tractor pull/drag racing, or street tuned vehicle. it also opens up lore in a very interesting way, last seen only in the hirochi musicaficta.
    Unlike many people's suggestions of a cab over T series, which would only have the same upfit applications as the normal semi, making a cab forward variant opens some doors. Adding a completely standalone fire truck would be a waste of effort, but reusing the existing frame and suspension of the T series would save on some effort. better yet is that there are even more service application for it; being an american garbage truck (and sewage tanker?)
    as I thought it would be too much work for such a restriced vehicle type, but upon seeing the DT40L, which only serves the purpose of a city bus, and only really makes sense in the USA Maps, I feel like this isn't too far fetched.
    plus, who doesn't want dumpster forks they can pick cars up with and dump them in the back?

    I would suggest that this is the same vintage to the DT40L, new enough that it could still be in service now, but old enough that it fits into an 80's or 90's setting as well.
    It could share the TCX (and TCM?) engines, though I could also see it using some kind of 2-stroke Diesel V12/V16 for the firetruck.
    you could have the manufacturer of the fire truck body as wentward, or even maybe randolph, or a new brand.
    This has been removed from the list of 9, partially to keep cars out of the already saturated 80s/90s period, but also since between the wigeon and bolide, both the "legitimate but slow" and "dodgy fibreglass kit wedge" demographics have been filled now.

    As I've noticed a lot of people suggesting something MR2/fiero/x19-like, and some people suggesting something delorean/bricklin-like, so why not both?
    I imagine something with mechanicals shared with the legran/wendover, being mid-engined, and having the pathetic 2.2 I4 out of the legran in the base version. for styling however, fibreglass body panels, or even perhaps removable saturn-style plastic panels could be used, and the car would have some weird styling features, perhaps gullwing doors, and 80's as f*cc styling, possibly even a screaming chicken inspired decal option.
    as far as moddability, I would definitely graft this and a legran together to make some kind of MR2Rolla type thing.
    a vanilla crappy bolide replica car would also be a bonus.
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  8. Zero

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    Sep 2, 2012
    1. Modern hatchback.
    My reason for this, is add more variety which would especially be useful for accident simulations/reconstructions.
    Since they have expanded to include an European map, I believe it should be a EU spec vehicle.
    Could be inspired by a Golf, Grande punto or any other typical EU hatch.
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    Feb 23, 2018
    be nice to have a early EARLY 2010s truck

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  10. _Tanco

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    Jan 7, 2017
    The only things i miss in this game is a pre-WWII car (anything that looks old, rusty and slow) because it's really rare to see those types of cars crashed, so if we could do it in beamng it would be awesome ;). And i want something powerfull, not those 1960's american cars that cannot go above 200km/h without eating a tree, i would like something modern that could reach 300km/h pretty quickly. it could be a big modern sedan (like mercedes E-class) or a supercar, or even a big muscle car but modern. Because actually the only things that could almost do this are the ETK 800-K series but it feels a bit "slow" with only 350HP, something modern with at least 500HP would be awesome :D
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  11. Kasir

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    Dec 27, 2018
    A Japanese SUV:

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  12. robert357

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    Mar 15, 2016
    I think we should get something like minivan, race car (something that was designed for race like Audi R10 etc.) or fire engine. Revamped ECA now have fire station (same as WCA and Italy) but still we don't have proper fire engine (so far there is only one offroader).
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  13. Snikle

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    Sep 25, 2016
    Alright let's go nuts here.

    1: A 1930s American luxury car - Think Cadillac V16 or Duesenberg SJ. Something large, coachbuilt, and with style that looks both aggressive and elegant. Lots of chrome, lots of displacement, possibly supercharged.

    2: A 1930s French luxury car - Similar to the above, but more eccentric. Think more along the lines of swoopy Delahayes or funky Avions-Voisins. Weird engines, wild looks, just French everything up Saoutchick style.

    3: A 1950s German sports car - Probably an ETK, think a mix between a BMW 507 and a Mercedes 300sl. That would be beautiful.

    4: A new American pickup truck - Current gen Gavril D-series. Make the front too big, add lots of lines that really bulge everything up, ugly-fy the grille, and really put a lot of disparity between the base model and super-cowboy-luxo trim.

    5: A mid-late 1960s Le Mans racer - They could either go Italian and make a Civetta based on the Ferrari 330 P4 or go American and make a Gavril based on the GT40. Put a real race car in the game, and look good doing it.

    6: A new CUV - People tend to hate them, but they're here to stay. Give Hirochi a new SUV, maybe on the smaller side, like RAV4-sized, rather than full-size. The game needs new cars, and this is one of the largest segments of new cars now.

    7: A small '90s Euro Sports car - Think the Fiat Barchetta, Fiat Coupe or Alfa Romeo GTV. Make it an Autobello that's small and underpowered, but great fun on the few days it's working.

    8: A new super-luxury cruiser - Think Rolls-Royce Phantom. Make a new British brand based on RR and Bentley, and give 'em something big and beautiful as their debut. Make it huge, but still understated and classy.

    9: A 2000s Japanese hybrid - Second-gen Prius based. Gives the game a hybrid, a 2000s car, and something quite ugly that we can have fun smashing. I came up with this idea a while ago, called it the "Ibishu Ubuntu"
    #13 Snikle, Oct 13, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2019
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  14. YellowRusty

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    Nov 9, 2016
    I'm seeing some signs that we're starting to drift towards the Vehicle Suggestions thread wth posts containing only a single vehicle with very little explanation for why that car would contribute to a diverse selection of vehicles. I think that maybe I should rephrase my question:

    Which vehicles do you think will lead towards a well-rounded game that delivers a wide variety of driving experiences? And of those vehicles, which do you think would the community respond well to, and why?

    I've seen some very good responses so far - the early 2000s crossover in the same mold as the Aztek/Rendevous, and the 1910s-1920s mass-market cars strike me as particularly good suggestions - they would look and drive like nothing else currently in the game.

    I notice that a lot of people are 'seconding' archetypes - a late-model SUV, a late-model American Pickup truck, both of the archetypes in the above paragraph, and of course the minivan have all been mentioned multiple times. This is good! It shows that there's some sort of consensus in the archetypes that the community wants. The more people that add cars from other people's lists to their own, the clearer the picture becomes!
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  15. Capkirk

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    Nov 19, 2017
    Well, might as well throw in my 2 cents.
    • European GT Car: I, like many other people here, really like the idea of the Civetta Fulmine. An earlier Civetta, with a more conventional FR layout. It would be powered by an I6, or possibly small V8 considering Civettas apparent affinity, which wasn’t an unheard of engine choice. An ETK or some British GT car would also work. It would add an older European car, between the autobello and ETKs, and a classic sports car unlike anything else currently in the game, a classic FR sports car with 4 wheel independent suspension. The downsides would be it’s limited uses, like the other civetta just looking pretty and being fast, but it could still be a pretty fun European competitor to the Barstow.

    • CUV: As much as everyone hates them, they are very common nowadays. A CUV could be implemented in many ways:
    1. One unique option would be a CUV ancestor like the AMC Eagle, or European styled like the Marta Rancho as the first charmand. This would add a very unique car, and add another potential off-road vehicle, with potential utility and police uses, but maybe not the niche most people would consider for CUVs.
    2. The more obvious would be a more modern crossover, 2005-2015. It could be from almost any manufacturer, and could fill many niches. An off-road trim would make a decent modern all terrain vehicle. Higher trims could be police vehicles and sports cars, with surprisingly large power numbers (350 HP+) and AWD making them quite fast. They could also make reasonable rally cars assuming the body can survive, and the highest trim models could feature active suspension if it takes European cues. All together a crossover could fill a large amount of niches in any post-95 era, but would risk being boring, bland, and uninteresting, much like many real-world counterparts

    • Class 5-6 Truck: Something to fit between the D-series and T-series, ideally cabover. There is a gap in the truck segments in Beam, resulting in lots of configs (T-series box truck, rollback) being much larger than needed, and probably unusable in cities. A class 5-6 truck could be a more practical rollback tow truck while still being able to handle the largest non-commercial vehicles in Beam, and could also be used as a (European) fire truck and garbage truck. It could also have much more capable off-road trims than the T-series, with perhaps even with room for a 6x6 drive system, as a remote utility vehicle. A class 5-6 cabover would be able to fill a lot of niches that the T-series is too large for, and add a significantly larger off-road vehicle to the game. The only problem would be it’s potentially long development time due to size.

    • MR 80s Sports Car: Another common suggestion. Although rear-engined vehicles are maybe already a little over represented in Beam, a late 80s entry level MR sports car could be fun.
    1. It could be American, probably as Bruckell, and potentially even using the Legran drivetrain. An underpowered, 2-door sports car, styled as 80s as possible, ideally with lots of unpainted alloy. It could use a turbo 4-cylinder or supercharged V6, depending on its size.
    2. Alternatively, it could be Japanese, perhaps as a remote ancestor to the SBR. Potentially using a small boxer 4, maybe even supercharged if it takes MR2 cues. Unfortunately, it would likely crowd the Bolide, and once again fall into the issue of being more pretty than useful. Still, considering how cheap it would be, more than a few more ‘unique’ custom configs could be justified.

    • Modern American Midsize FR: A modern (90-10) American FR vehicle with a sporty and faux luxury theme, perhaps as a modern Moonhawk. Probably with V6s and V8s, it would be unibody and feature independent suspension, and maybe even have AWD on higher trims. It would add a modern midsize car a whole lot more interesting than the pessima, and smaller and more agile than the Grand Marshall. As a police vehicle it would be plenty fast, and could have some performance versions as well, perhaps calling back to the Moonhawk V8 Special or Elite (Like the 2005 Charger SRT8), with a 400+ HP V8. It would add another 90s sedan to a game that seems to be full of them however, and its performance might not distinguish it from the GM enough.

    • Classic American Pickup: Something period correct to tow around our track Barstows and Bluebucks. Potentially using detuned engines from the bluebuck, maybe with a even larger big-block on the highest trim, or using new Bruckell engines. The late 60s was also when truck tuning began to become a popular way to circumvent emissions laws, so factory and custom high performance options could be added. However, other than aesthetics there isn’t much reason to add it, and it risks becoming another maintenance nightmare like the D-series.

    • Classic European Van: An alternative to an American pickup, a (maybe British) van could fill a similar role, while being more unique and adding more European vehicles. Powered by small I4s or V4s, up to mid-sized V6s and underpowered N/A diesels, it would be less powerful than an American counterpart, but would still have more than enough power and carrying capacity. Much like certain real world vehicles, it’s comparatively large engine and exemption from typical European vehicle regulations of the time could result in higher trims even being used as getaway vehicles, and consequently be adopted by police forces, as well as be used as a European ambulance. The commonality and large number of body styles typically available to such a vehicle would also give it lots of opportunity for customization.
    This is all I could think of for the moment, I’ll probably add more later. In the mean time, please don’t turn this into Vehicle suggestions thread 2.
    #15 Capkirk, Oct 13, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  16. ManfredE3

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    Jan 9, 2016
    Personally I would prefer a statement of "the next few vehicles we will be focusing on X" (whether X be focusing on some specific aspect of career mode, adding new archetypes and/or countries, etc...) rather than just a controlled leak style batch of early WIP meshes again. Personally I really hope the dev team tries to get more out of the existing cars before focusing on new cars tbh. Some of these platforms have a lot of possible content left in them (*cough* Moonhawk); I would think it is more efficient to use the existing vehicles to their full potential rather than make multiple vehicles to fill a niche that could've been filled with an existing car. But there are a few things I specifically think we need to see that cannot be filled by the existing cars.

    1) The thing with BeamNG is if we want this to be a car culture sim we need a big roster to cover as many niches as possible. But with cars taking 9 months to make, that isn't happening. Which means we need highly versatile platforms so we are getting the most out of what we have. This is why I so often suggest a lot of content for official cars, including facelifts/platform cousins/luxury marques. One of the most versatile and useful cars we need IMO is a semi-modern American midsized. Think Chrysler L family/GM Zeta/GM V Body with a hint of SN197/S550 Mustang. This would cover a ton of empty niches. First modern American car, 15ish year model run, sedan/wagon/coupe/convertible, volume/luxury/performance, a pre-facelift muscle car could be our first retro styled modern car (Maybe even solid rear end for pre-facelift and IRS for facelift). Plenty of possible special editions, including super-car killers (think Shelby Super Snake), flat plane engines (think Ford Voodoo engine), factory drag racers (think Dodge Demon), and so many more. Base models and older trims would be great early-mid game cars, high end/late trims would be good mid-end game cars. Great for drift builds, with a solid axle it would be great for drag builds, IRS would be great for track buikds, it's sturdy and fast so great for chase builds. There is just so much content that this one platform family could get, which we really need to fill a lot of holes in the roster.

    2) Modern Performance Luxury Large Japaneses/German Car: I just think these are cool. Fills an empty niche and could bolster the lineup of an underutilized marque.

    After this there is no particular order to this list

    3) As mentioned by many here, a vintage GT car. IMO it does not need to be Italian. Something British like the original V8 Vantage's would be cool as well. There are other options for older GT cars, but those two are the ones I would most like to see. One of these would be perfect for some sorta end game vintage racing series.

    4) Any small toss-able roadster: On the cheaper end of this spectrum, Miata's and MG's are common in the club racing scene with many dedicated racing series. On the high end, a mid-end game modern performance car would be nice too. There's some crazy stuff here too, such as Carol Shelby's 1966 800hp twin charged 427ci V8 Cobra Super Snake. It's a large niche with many possibilities and anything they could go with would be a fine addition to both career mode and the general vehicle roster.

    5-6) Kirk mentioned both of these above so I'll toss them together here. A medium duty truck is the largest gap in the vehicle roster considering physical size. As I keep mentioning, there's a lot of good options for this slot, some of which could borrow a healthy amount from the existing vehicle lineup. A Fiero/MR2 style cheap mid engine car would be a quirky early game car, and if it goes the Fiero route I would hope to see some silly kit car mods for it. I like the idea of having it as an SBR spiritual predecessor.

    7) As many have mentioned, a pre-war car. A 1930's American coupe just has a silly amount of possible content and can find a place throughout career mode. Plus, it's the only realistic way we could see a full open wheeler that I can think of.

    8-9) Vintage Euro/JDM: There's a lot of cool old European cars, especially from the Sweedes, which could be great for several different racing series. Even the French of all people use to have some cool stuff. As for older Japanese cars, all we have is the Pigeon (not much of a racing machine) and the Miramar (which isn't exactly the most sport car). I'm leaving this as two slots since I don't have a ninth and both regions are light on vintage content.

    8) Modern Hot Hatch: This just feels like too important of a niche to leave out. That's really all I have to say about that.
    9) Bolster up the ETK Lineup: ETK is honestly my favorite brand and we could really do with seeing some more from them. There's only 3 German cars in the official game, the only other country we have in low numbers is Italy (Edit, and France), which makes sense to not have many of. There's a lot of German cars that would be great to see. As a nice bonus, a fair number of these possibilities can have trims ranging from relatively normal cars for their class to simply ridiculous contraptions (Mercedes CLK GTR & DTM, Mercedes SLR Sterling Moss, original BMW M8, looking at all of you). This means we could get a fairly sensible traffic filler, mid level race car, or end game content all on one platform.
    #16 ManfredE3, Oct 13, 2019
    Last edited: Apr 10, 2021
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  17. MrAnnoyingDude

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    May 4, 2016
    This list is not organized by desirability for me, simply because it's something too hard to accurately gauge. I also posted 10 cars, because I couldn't slim it down to 9.

    Early 30s American car:
    An early 30s Bruckell, based on the Ford Model B/18, with some Chevrolet BA influence. The stock one has a choice between sidevalve I4 and V8, both with gear-only timing. Such a car could realistically have a variety of body styles, from roadster, to sedans, to pickup truck, to woodie wagon, would allow players to experience such oddities as transverse leaf springs or mechanical brakes, and would have a lot of hot/rat rod customisation.

    50s/60s/70s British luxury car:
    A sedan/coupe based on a mix of the Rover P5, Humber Super Snipe and Wolseley 6/110, and equipped with a peculiarly strong unibody, as well as a rear DeDion axle (giving better handling than the Bluebuck). Comes with different I6s, as well as a V8 in later models. Fills the gap between the Miramar and the Bluebuck, is underrepresented in games and would make for a wonderful classic touring/rally car, or banger car (with a Gavril V6 swap). Its engine could also be used in a Triumph TR-6, Stag or TVR M-Series-style car.

    60s/70s British sports car:
    Based on the TVR M-/S-Series roadster, but with significant Lotus Elitde and Triumph TR6 influence. Faster than modified Piccolinas, better handling than a Barstow, less media representation than the small roadster crowd. Still has some racing use, or is just another beater.

    70s front-wheel-drive personal luxury car:
    A rather unusual kind of luxobarge, based on the 1971-78 Cadillac Eldorado, but with Lincoln Continental Mark IV cues. Coupe or convertible, equipped with a big-block V12 engine powering the front wheels, and mounted in an unibody. Outside the typical 70s customization, it can also become a lowrider, a beater, a derby car, or even a cheaper Burnside version.

    90s/00s body-on-frame US luxury car:
    A 3rd gen Town Car-inspired car that also comes as a hearse and limo. Apart from its normal use, in which it would be a good livery market representation, it can also become a realistic beater, derby/banger car, or maybe even dragster.

    00s/10s ultra-luxury car:

    Based on the Rolls-Royce Phantom, but with some Maybach Exelero cues and a V16 engine. Can come as a sedan, coupe or convertible. Allows the player to explore the pinnacle of depreciated luxury and comfort, while having a lot of high-end custom car, and even some beater, potential.

    Modern Autobello Piccolina:
    A car mostly based on the modern Piccolina, with cues from the 2010s VW Beetle thrown in. This would allow a variety of configs, from tiny gas and diesel engines in base models, to more substantial powerplants with extras like exterior decals, to an electric version, to high-performance Abarth-like models.

    Modern Bruckell pony car:
    Based on a mix of the 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro and the Dodge Challenger, it would give the player a variety of config options, from stock turbo-fours, to stock V8s, to a Demon-like factory drag car, to high-performance custom drag configs, in a good representation of modern muscle.

    Modern ETK medium-duty truck:
    Mainly based on the 3rd gen Mercedes Atego, but with some DAF LF inspiration, it is the first modern heavy vehicle in the game, and can come in various configurations, from box truck, to flatbed, to cement mixer, while blending in on the European maps.

    2020s Civetta hypercar:
    Based on the upcoming electric LaFerrari successor, but with some Porsche 918 successor inspiration, it would allow the players to explore the pinnacle of automotive engineering in both its normal and uprated, track-only, version.

    Ideas that failed to make the cut: smaller British sports car, 70s/80s/90s Aussie ute, 80s Capri/Manta-style coupe, 70s US fullsize sedan, modern compact van, Nissan 350Z-style car, 2000s entry-level supercar, 80s/90s SUV, modern Corvette-style car, modern TVR-like car.
    A contemporary-as-it-gets crossover, based on cars from brands like NIO, Byton or Aiways. Allows the devs to cover the crossover, purpose-built electric vehicle, and Chinese car boxes all at the same time, all while presenting the AI capabilities with self-driving functions.
    #17 MrAnnoyingDude, Oct 13, 2019
    Last edited: Oct 17, 2019
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  18. fivedollarlamp

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    Sep 18, 2016
    1. We don't need so many 70's cars, only 1 or 2
    2. We don't need that many trucks, the T-series and a modern cabover are all we need
    3. What we DO need is a 90's French 5door hatch, modern American sedan, mid '00s American crossover and early '00s Japanese light SUV (Honda Pilot) Modern Civetta would be nice, but not needed.
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  19. Nathan24™

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    Apr 18, 2017
    Look, I understand why many people want more modern cars in the game, but personally I think they would risk being boring and uninteresting, which is why I think Beam is more geared towards older vehicles. The only niche of modern car I wouldn't mind having is an enthusiast vehicle like a muscle car, sports car, or heck, even a supercar or a hypercar.

    And besides, Beam needs more classics IMO, especially filling missing niches such as a vintage American pickup truck and a prewar (1900's-1930's) car. None of that EV or driveless shite, just some pure old iron is what we need. ;)
    #19 Nathan24™, Oct 17, 2019
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  20. Tuner from America

    Tuner from America
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    Mar 30, 2018
    I think a 50's - 60's ETK Sports car / Roadster would be a nice car to add to the game as all of the modern sports cars are made in the 90's - 10's, and the only supercar we have was made in the 80's by Civetta. The car would most likely be styled after the 300SL, 190SL, and a 1960 BMW 507 as they are really good looking and were made in the time period before computers helped modeled cars.
    mercedes-300sl-gullwing.jpg 60-Mercedes-Benz-300SL-002.jpg 1960-MERCEDES-190SL-Palm-Beach-Classics_0830-e1478092311617.jpg BMW507.jpg
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