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Discussion in 'Content Creation' started by nickreif, Feb 19, 2020.

  1. nickreif

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    Nov 2, 2013
    I am trying to tune a few transmissions to react much like my truck does in real life. i have run in to a few issues that don't seem to be covered in the forums.
    my truck will lock up in every gear but first. second gear will typically lock up at or above 2500 rpm which seems to be around when the torque converter reaches viscous coupling
    every other gear will lock up at 1000 rpm, or when below a certain load
    i am wondering, is there a way to change torque converter lockup per gear, much like the way you change when the transmission shifts under low load
    and if this is possible are there more advanced controls such as changing lockup under certain loads?

    ex. in the pickup's 6 speed auto


    i don't understand a whole lot about coding, but i tried to do something similar in my own mod but for the torque converter lockup mod, but it didn't seem to work
    here is what i tried in my mod

    "torqueConverterLockupRPM":[1200, 1000, 1000],
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