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Discussion in 'Ideas and Suggestions' started by bob.blunderton, Jun 6, 2018.

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    Apr 3, 2015
    Just what it says.

    You know when you drive around GTA it says the 'area' or 'street' you are in, this one could just display the road-name at the top or bottom of the screen for 4 seconds once you've been on it for more than a second or two (to avoid cross streets showing up until you're actually driving on them, not just driving across them).
    Obviously if it says decalroad* or decal_road* it wouldn't get displayed (one would hope we could hide this).
    If you can figure out how to hide it also do hide anything with "AI_" in it as that's hidden AI-guides to make sure the non-player cars driving around can find their ways through the mazes of parking-lots and cities I've made.

    Area could be done by the nearest landmark to the player (coming with in say 0.25 miles or 0.5 miles of it).

    That aside, would be nice to see the road names on the HUD minimap or GPS screen even if the print is small.

    I am creating a city map and these things would be nice to have, I just can't code, otherwise I'd do it myself.

    Thank-you to whomever reads or attempts this!

    P.S. To anyone attempting this, Roane County will be a good testing ground. All the roads in Harriman and Kingston and many of the ones in Rockwood are named too.
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