WIP Beta released Notepad++ Syntax highlight "Retro Blue"

Discussion in 'Programming' started by fufsgfen, Aug 23, 2021.

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    Jan 10, 2017
    This is based on JbeamV2 syntax highlighting that is available on these forums, however I have difficulties to find it now and I can't remember who made it originally, but it's from early days of the game, I believe.

    Anyway credits of creating the original goes to original author of course and if I ever find that really old thread I will add more information about the origins of this syntax highlight here.

    Oh yes, I found the old thread, so credits of original goes out to @Fireboyd78

    I wanted to make something that appears as old MSDOS edit, but still be something that shows everything somewhat clearly. This is still WIP as there are some highlights that I would like to add, but it works for me.

    Certainly not for everyone and be aware there might be some bugs, if you don't like looks of old MSDOS edit, then probably not for you.

    In thumbs it looks really bad, but if you click it open to large image, then you can see it is not that unclear:
    upload_2021-8-23_10-1-57.png upload_2021-8-23_10-5-33.png upload_2021-8-23_10-6-29.png

    Unzip xml from the zip to some folder, then in Notepad++ Go to Language -> Define Your Language... and then choose Import, browse to XML file that you unzipped from the attached .zip file.

    Then you should be able to choose this new syntax highlight when you edit jbeam files and if everything works, it even should automatically be used for jbeam files.

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