'No Mesh' even though files are in right folder.

Discussion in 'World Editor' started by DeWorD, May 25, 2022.

  1. DeWorD

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    Jan 20, 2017
    Hellou again :)

    Making map and didn't do it for few days and now went back and everything what's in the certain
    \art\shapes\tankfarm folder doesen't seem to work.

    Now there's just "no mesh" floating in air in places and only those whats in that folder is missing for random reason and those files are there, but when i press inspector and from there try to see those .dae files in that certain folder it's empty lol.

    Feels like it somehow doesen't know that there's that "tankfarm" kind of folder existing so what i have screwed up this time? :D

    I did that clean cache as there was other 'no material' textures or something like it, but that cache thing fixed it.

    I haven't edited anything on the folders or text thingys i think :D
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