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    Apr 20, 2015
    Before you say anything about the picture, no theres no duplicates.... well except for 1 or 2 but it usualy doesnt show in red text. This wierd and confusing error is affecting both beams and triangles. I deleted all the triangles and it helped uncloging the lua a bit but it still show beam errors. Can someone help explain why this is happening? I dont want to end up releasing a no triangle truck that goes through every vehicle availible.
    20161218143424_1.jpg 20161218145254_1.jpg

    EDIT: Ok, funny story...... im dumb. The missing node link error is when I put "id1" and "id2" (which is suppose to be the dummy beam) as a seperate beam, yah I am a dummy. About the triangle error, @Bernd said I may have deleted some nodes thats linked to some beams and triangles. The TrophyT I am making, the jbeam is directly from the Sandstorm as a start. Now I know and you should know too when making a new vehicle, if you want to copy a jbeam and delete some nodes to shape up, delete all triangles, check the error to see if theres any duplicates or errors and make sure you dont mistakenly add a dummy beam/triangle as a seperate beam/triangle. Lesson learned. Sorry for posting.
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