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  1. josh.iguess

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    Aug 10, 2017
    Kantan Rentals is opening again!

    Welcome to Kantan Rentals, a small company that will easily rent you a car for short trips or a vacation car. We want you to have an easy and enjoyable experience, if you do not, contact me.


    -If the car not returned in time, I will have to take the car off of the forum and you will be asked why it hasn't been returned.

    - You MUST send me or reply with a damage report/picture of the car. If you don't I will personally ask you.

    What People are saying:

    "I would have not found my car if it was not for this car rental service." -DoveAndPigeonFan

    "I hope more people find out about Kantan Rentals" -DoveAndPigeonFan

    carsmin says they had a great experience.

    Pacivica says they had a "Pretty decent" experience with Kantan Rentals.

    As of 3/11/18, ETK Vehicles no longer have extra fees.

    Of course you won't be charged in real life. This is just for the sake of a video game.

    Cars Available:

    Base Model Hirochi Sunburst (No Beam.Navigator, No extra charge) Automatic [35$ daily]

    View attachment 391373

    1994 Ibishu 200BX (After Market Navigation System, 10$ Charge) Automatic [20$ daily]

    View attachment 391374

    1996 Gavril Grand Marshal (Beam Navigator, Extra 10$) Automatic [29$ daily]

    View attachment 391375

    2017 ETK 800 Series 854T Automatic [54$ daily]

    View attachment 391376

    1990 Ibishu Pigeon Van (No extra charges) *SLOW SPEED VEHICLE!* (2 SEATS ONLY) [11$ daily] View attachment 391377

    1991 Ibishu Covet LXi (Automatic) [19$ daily]

    View attachment 391529

    1993 ETK I-Series 2400 (Automatic) [34$ daily]

    View attachment 391531

    2000 Ibishu Pessima 2.7 LX V6 (Automatic) [20$ daily]

    View attachment 391552

    Gavril H-Series H15 Vanster *SEATS 2* (automatic) [31$ daily]

    View attachment 391558

    1994 Ibishu 200BX Base (Automatic) [14$ daily] Money to pay for this car was donated by


    View attachment 391644

    Pickup Trucks:

    1989 Ibishu Pigeon SLOW SPEED VEHICLE (Manual) [10$ daily] *SEATS 2*

    1994 Garil D-Series D15 Extended Cab (Manual) [22$ daily]

    View attachment 391397

    Ibishu Pigeon 600 Tow Package (Manual) [11$ daily] *SEATS 2*

    View attachment 391534

    1989 Ibishu Dove Pickup 1.6 GT-z AWD (Manual) [12$ daily]

    View attachment 391824

    Ibishu Dove Pickup 1.3 LX Box Truck (Manual) [9.53$ daily]

    View attachment 391825

    Kantan High-Speed Cars:

    2018 ETK K-Series KC6T *Only Seats 2* (Manual) [102$ daily]

    View attachment 391486

    2017 ETK 800-Series 856 TTSport+ (Manual) [62$ Daily]

    View attachment 391488

    2016 Hirochi SBR4 AWD-S (DCT) [89$ Daily] (BeamNavigator, Extra 10$) *SEATS 2*

    View attachment 391492

    2014 Hirochi Sunburst 2.0 Sport RS AWD (DCT) [47$ daily]

    View attachment 391544

    View attachment 391380
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  2. KaiserimnopYT

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    Oct 9, 2016
    Pic doesn't work
  3. josh.iguess

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    Aug 10, 2017
    Oh no, you're right. I'll have to fix this.
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  4. carsmin

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    Jan 7, 2018
    i sure had a great time
  5. kaizer moonhawk

    kaizer moonhawk
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    Jul 13, 2017
    ill have the d15 just 1 day my d25 is in repair johny doey had to crash
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