Gavril D-Series addon 0.8.2

Oldstyle parts, XL frame with cargobox/rollback/wedgeback beds, flatbeds, (prerunner) suspension par

  1. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Please look at the Mod section for current info of this mod. Last update of the previous version was from august 2015 :p
    I'll update this first page asap.

    Q: The rollback/wedgeback/rear doors of the station/ rear doors of the cargobox do not work
    A: They are all linked to the 'tailgate' variable. Make sure this variable has a key binding.
    If you do not have this 'tailgate' variable, there is a change that another mod overrides the default lua making this variable disappear. You've to figure which one that is and disable it.
    Q: When are you updating your Moonhawk/Grand Marshall/H-series etc Mods?!?!?!!1!?
    A: I would like to see those updated as well. But fixing/updating these mods takes loads of time. I've got a 40+ hours workweek, a study, home and car work to do, social life etc. I don't know when or if they will be updated.
    Q: Nothing works/the thing exploded on spawn etc
    A: Make sure you are using BeamNG version >=0.18 and this mod version >= 0.7. If this won't help there is probably another mod causing issues.

    Ideas and known issues
    - modern flareside bed > next BeamNG update?
    - classic signals are overlapped by the wide front fenders
    - Hubs meshes of the twin-beam suspension missing
    - Wagon is still very WIP: Roofracks, tailgate, interior, reardoor lettering, configs (taxi), its own name(?), rear door handles wrong nodegroup, jbeam improvements...
    - powered IFS with longer suspension travel and longer arms, hubs (4wd prerunner ish)
    - Cab protector for the rollback (who mentioned it? I can not find the post) Added in 0.7.4
    - AI issues: Prerunners can get stuck, haybales can drop Prerunner AI fixed in 0.7.4
    - The steering of the 'XL' frames has issues (large turning radius) Fixed in 0.7.1
    - steering center of some configs having beam/solid axle/twin I-beam front suspension Improved in 0.7.2
    - camber issues with the twin I-beam front suspension Improved in 0.7.2
    - The rear doors of the station could use some improvement Improved in 0.7.1
    - The station itselfs could use some improvements Improved in 0.7.2
    - The suspension of the prerunner truck could use some improvements Improved in 0.7.2, 0.7.3
    - 291 and 353 CUI v8s from the Barstow Added in 0.7.2
    - Gearboxes from the Barstow Added in 0.7.3
    - Rollbar spotlights materials issue Fixed in 0.7.2, again in 0.7.3
    - Oldstyle front fascia lights won't break Fixed in 0.7.2
    - Fladbed taillights won't break Fixed in 0.7.2
    - sheriff config has a wrong right taillight Fixed in 0.7.2
    - wrong running boards for the wagon Fixed in 0.7.3
    - rear license plates are wrong for the long bed configs Fixed in 0.7.3
    - Fifth wheel upfit from the H-series addon mod Added in 0.7.3

    Like my mods? Please support me:
    Paypal link
    (imported from


    OLD STUFF BENEATH (last update august 2015)

    Gavril D-series mod by AR162b Version 0.5.1 29-08-2015

    Fifth version!

    Summary: updated to the latest build (, fixed many coltris, added loads, add some small stuff, added stuff to the Roamer

    Installation instructions:

    For BeamNG version
    1) (Re)Move, if present, the old version of this mod out of the mods folder (...\\mods)
    2) Remove, if present, the old cache folder of this mod (...\\cache.\vehicles\pickupFS\)
    3) Download the zip file located at the bottom of this post (On the first page only!) and move it to BeamNG's mod folder (...\\mods) There's no need to extract the zip.
    The lua folder must be inside of the pickupFS folder.


    This mod includes besides the Gabester's original pickup files:

    Main stuff:

    - Two 'HD' frame's, short and long (Based on the H45 frame)
    - Adjusted H45 suspension and wheels, multiple suspension versions
    - Modified Off-Road 'HD' (H45 axle track) front suspension
    - Added Pickup wheels to the 'HD' variants
    - 'police' hubcaps
    - Manual-6 gearbox (almost like the M5, but with a lower range first and reverse)
    - Added Diff's which can be used for all variants, except the duallies which have their own
    - V8 engine with snorkel (adjusted and now also available for HD variants, v0.3.0)
    - Added the Moonhawk's slotted Mags for the D15 frame (entirely made by Gabester)
    - Seats are made a seperate part, added the H45's bucket seats (entirely made by Gabester, thanks for the idea, Antonov225) and a rear facing bench for the station (thanks for the idea, Again_Dejavu)


    - Classic Style Flareside short bed (where it al began, hence 'pickupFS')
    - New Style Flareside short bed (new in v0.3.0)
    - 8' bed
    - 5' bed (new in v0.3.0)
    - Short flatbed
    - Long flatbed
    - Rollback flatbed (new in v0.3.0) Functional; use the handbrake
    - Wedgeback autobed (updated in v0.3.0) Functional; use the handbrake
    - Duallies fenders (updated in v0.3.0)
    - Tonneau covers for the regular short bed and the flareside beds
    - Spotlights for the rollbars
    - Many added/adjusted parts for the new beds, like bumpers, tailgates, taillights, runninglights and rollbars
    - Boxed upfit (new in v0.4.0) Like the H45 were it's based on, use the handbrake to open the doors
    - Added loads; (new in v0.5.1, modified to match the D-series global values)
    • BeamNG's metal box; single box and dual boxed for the regular bed, a single box for the 'tiny' bed, a single, dual or triple metal box load for the small flatbed trailer including custom straps
    • BeamNG's square hay bale; A single one for both Flareside beds, a single or dual for the small faltbed trailer, 3, 5 or 9 for the hay wagon and 8 or 16 for the Gooseneck flatbed trailer
    • tumbbi2's log (used with permission); a single, three or five logs load for both long beds including custom straps
    - Off Road race bed (new in v0.5.1)
    - Diesel engine with a tuning kit; added a modified T75 turbo/D15 V8 mix mesh and added new gearboxes and diff ratios

    Body parts

    - Crew Cab body
    - Station body
    - Cowl hood (updated v0.5.1)
    - Spotlights for the Off-Road front bumper
    - Air dam, with and without running lights, for the regular front bumper
    - Pushbar for the regular front bumper
    - Sunvisor (updated in v0.3.0)
    - 'HD' style doors
    - 'HD' style mirrors
    - West Coast Style HD mirrors (modded semi mirrors, texture only works when you have the semi installed) (thanks for the idea, Peterbilt)
    - Toplights (updated in v0.3.0)
    - Running boards (updated in v0.3.0)
    - Roofrack (new in v0.4.0, modded version of my offroad van mod)
    - Roofrack sparetire (new in v0.4.0)
    - Roofrack rear sparetire (new in v0.4.1)
    - Roofrack left and right ladder (new in v0.4.1)
    - Rear bumper sparetire (new in v0.4.0, modded version of my offroad van mod)
    - Rear bumper spare fuel canister (new in v0.4.0)
    - Roofrack and a 'spotlightbar' for the station
    - Police lightbar (Moonhawk Sedan mod copy)
    - Police teardrop light (Moonhawk Sedan mod copy)
    - Police alley light (Moonhawk Sedan mod copy)
    - Kickers (new in v0.5.1)
    - Rollcage (new in v0.5.1)
    - Two new front fascia's; the HD (modified hood included) and the 'classic' one. (new in v0.5.1)
    - Taxi parts; a large and small taxisign and decals (new in v0.5.1)
    - Highway Patrol decals (new in v0.5.1)
    - Steptubes, three different sizes (single cab, Roamer and dual/station cab) (new in v0.5.1)
    - Copied and modified (almost) all custom parts to fit the Roamer as well (new in v0.5.1)
    - Derby Roofsign and decals (new in v0.5.1)
    - Welded derby hood, welded trunk (new in v0.5.1)
    - Derby headers (new in v0.5.1)


    - BeamNG's (Gabesters) original small trailer
    - Twin axle, rotating small trailer (based on the original small trailer) (new in v0.4.0)
    - Flatbed gooseneck trailer (based on the H45) (new in v0.4.0) Functional; use the handbrake Including hay bale loads (new in v0.5.1)
    - Car hauler gooseneck trailer (new in v0.4.0) Functional; use the handbrake
    - Hay Wagon including loads (new in v0.5.1)


    - Most new parts are Gabester's original H45 parts or (greatly) based on Gabester's parts, so Gabester
    - Myself (AR162b) for all the mods
    - Mythbuster, Again_Dejavu and MrAngry for helping me out
    - tumbbi2 For the use of his log prop
    - Dummiesman for the preset pictures made in his showroom
    - Aboroath, Jujune and MrAnrgry for testing this mod and providing me with great feedback


    Known Issues/improvement needed: (anyone knows a fix?)
    Known Issues/improvement needed: (anyone knows a fix?)
    - All textures are 'slapped on' the original D15 Pickup texture maps, adding non-smooth/multi-colored skin/texture will have unwanted results
    - First gear in the manual 6 doens't drive smooth at idle
    - Rollback bed bounces
    - Snorkel sometimes doesn't function (kills the engine before submerging) Changing to a regular engine and back might work
    - Deformgroups of the runninglights/toplights are not properly functional ("BEAMNG |ERR| deformgroup on beam not found on any flexmesh: (deformgroup name)")
    - Lots of "Warning: collada <lines> element in (part name) is not supported"
    - Performance class might not be correct (?)
    - Ramp of the gooseneck trailer car hauler deforms funny
    - Gooseneck car hauler front vibrates a bit
    - The loaded gooseneck flatbed trailer doesn't load properly, zip problem.


    - Rear brakes on the short HD frame with single rear wheels not working; cause not found, but copied some parts from other jbeams and the problem appears to be gone (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - West coast style mirror's texture. Removed the semi's material from the materials.cs, solved it. You need to have the semi in your cache. Having it in this materials.cs duplicated it somehow.(FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Van's seat texture missing when this mod is installed; Looks a bit like the above's error; it can't be duplicated and coexist, in contrary with the pickup materials. Removed the van's materials from the materials.cs, which solves the problem, but one has to have the van materials loaded in the cache folder. (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Hubcaps missing; small typo, solved (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Right taillight frame missing on the crew cab 8' bed; solved, multi-DAE error (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Spotlights on the wedgeback are misaligned; found out the jbeam was a bit of a mess, cleaned it a bit and the spotlights (and deformgroups) (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Spotlights on the sides of the rollback flatbed are misaligned (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Rollback bed doesn't touch the ground; (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Tri's on the roofs of the trucks are visible; (Improved but not perfect v0.4.1)
    - Station's rear doors and 'backlight frame' won't change color in the experimental build (It might be fixed in v0.4.0...)
    - D35/D25 Station and 8'bed are having some suspension issues, don't know what it is, creating some speed solves it mysteriously. (fixed v0.3.0)
    - D25 OffRoad versions rear suspension is a bit too bouncy (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Autobed is far from finished, no spotlights, added parts have no n/b (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Crew and station versions doors have some problem in combinations with the running boards. (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Roof of the station is a bit too floppy (fixed v0.3.0)
    - n/b values (fixed(?) v0.3.0)
    - Muffler of the long HD frame is missing, kept getting VY-errors, removed it for the moment (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Running boards are having conflicts with the doors (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Internal camera's are gone in the crew cab and station (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Duallies fenders overlap the rear doors on the station (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Snorkel 'engine' is missing on the HD models (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Glitchy roof for the crew and station models (fixed v0.3.0)
    - Rear stations bench wrong normals (fixed v0.3.0)

    Twin axle trailer;
    - left wheelcover missing; (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - trailer appears not to be attached; (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Can't accelerate when the trailer detaches; can't reproduce this problem?
    - Trailer bed sometimes sticks to the frame; added coltris and disabled self-collision to the upper part of the frame. (FIXED v0.4.1, better fix v0.5.1)

    Gooseneck trailers
    - Wheelhubs were still hubwheel; (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Vertical part of the frame collides with the rear bumper; (FIXED v0.4.1)
    - Rear taillights on the flatbed missing (FIXED v0.4.1)


    Long term ideas:
    - Shortened D15, Bronco/Blazer Style (D10?)
    - Medium Length HD frame
    - Second floor for the wedgeback
    - Solid front live axle

    - Boxed truck (included in v0.4.0)
    - Rollback flatbed (included in v0.3.0)
    - sliding ramp for the autobed (included in v0.3.0)
    - H45 bucket seats (included in v0.3.0)
    - Modern versions (early 90's) of the stepside and duallies fenders (included in v0.3.0)
    - Suburban-like rear doors for the station (included in v0.3.0)

    - Tow truck (not anymore; Gabester himself is making one)
    - Extended cab (not anymore; Gabester himself is making one)

    Please DO NOT redistribute without proper permission of AR162b! Use the files at own risk.

    Enjoy! :)



    v 0.1.0 27th May 2014
    First release!
    - Classic Flareside bed incl bumpers, tailgate and taillights
    - Sunvisor
    - Spotlights, bumper and rollbar
    - Toplights
    - Bedcover
    - HD style doors and mirrors

    v 0.2.0 10th July 2014
    - Two HD frame's
    - multiple flatbeds including wedgeback incl bumpers and taillights
    - 8'bed
    - duallies fenders
    - Moonhawk's slotted mags
    - crew cab, station body
    - snorkel engine
    - Added diffs

    v 0.3.0 17th October 2014
    - Rollback Flatbed
    - Air dam
    - Pushbar
    Much improved:
    - both flatbeds mesh and jbeams, incl bumpers and taillights. (The bed is actual flat now and with functional guard rails)
    - Flareside rear bumper n/b
    - Wedgeback
    - HD rear suspension
    - Off-Road rear suspension
    - HD Duallies fenders are modern

    v 0.4.0 12th February 2015
    - Gooseneck flatbed trailer
    - Gooseneck car hauler trailer
    - Twin axle small trailer
    - BeamNG's original small trailer
    - Boxed upfit
    - Overland parts (roofrack, roofrack and rear bumper spare tire, rear bumper spare fuel canister)
    - Spotlight funtion to the front air dam
    Updated to
    - Suspension, wheels, brakes (pressurewheels)
    - All other files with small adjustments (e.g. cab)
    - Added json files, preview pictures
    - Used nulti-DAE, removed lots of parts in the .DAE (25MB instead of 45)

    v 0.4.1 20th February 2015
    - Second roofrack spare tire
    - Two rear door ladders
    - Made some little changes in some of the presets
    - Added lots of spolights; toploghts, dually fender lights, gooseneck trailer side lights
    - Lots of bugs; see bugs list
    - enhanced the mesh of the classic side fenders a bit, also the mesh of the stations roof.
    - enhanced the jbeam of the rollback and wedgeback

    v 0.5.0a-c August 2015
    Private test releases

    v 0.5.1 31st August 2015
    - Side step tubes
    - HD and classic front fascias
    - Lots of loads; metal box, logs, hay bales
    - Hay Wagon
    - Taxi and Highway Patrol stuff
    - Rollcage
    - Kickers
    - Derby parts (hood, exhaust, welded doors, welded trunk, roofsign, 5 decals)
    - Diesel engine with a tuning kit
    - Lots of coltris; cargobox, station, crew cab
    - Updated to BeamNG version
    - Improved the station body, crew body, classic tailgate and cowl hood mesh among some other small parts
    - Dual axle small flatbed trailer fixed sticking

    Like my mods? Support me:

    (imported from here)

    So don't upload it anywhere without permission!


    Use the files at own risk.

    Have fun!


    --- original first post (from 2014!) ---

    Well hello everyone. I really like this game and besides of the realistic handling, crashes and the diversity of drivetrains available per vehicle compared to some other games, I would also like to see a diversity of body versions per vehicle. I already started altering the Bruckell Moonhawk .DAE and partly made a sedan and subcompact (and having plans for a station and ute) but I got stuck in the process. It's just more work then expected, while being engineering student I have experience with Catia and Pro/E, but none in Blender (and I have little spare time ;) ). Besides Gabester mentioned that some time it will probably be possible to simply move parts, so the Moonhawk variations are on hold for me now.
    Now I made another, slightly less complex variation; A Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside based on a mixture of 80's Ford Flaresides and Chevy, Dodge Stepsides. I made this with intention to chose the parts next to the standard bed options. The .DAE is mostly finished; the flareside has to be thickened, taillights have to be made (I'm thinking of small square taillights which can be torn of the bed, just like I would like the fender flares to be able to torn off) and the smoothing group is broken. All the jbeams and textures have to be altered. Off to the Wiki again, in the meanwhile; tips and tricks are welcome. :D

    Would be nice with a yellow light bar and a lifeguard/baywatch skin :D

    Attached Files:

    • screenshot_00125_1920.jpg
    • screenshot_00137_1920.jpg
    • screenshot_00140_1920.jpg
    • screenshot_00134_1920.jpg
    • screenshot_00131_1920.jpg
    • screenshot_00129_1920.jpg
    • screenshot_00139_1920.jpg
    #1 AR162B, Feb 13, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2020
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  2. Excisionized

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    Jun 28, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Looks good. About the smoothing groups though, what I usually do is set it smooth then put an edge split on it. Should do the trick.
  3. Cardinal799

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    Oct 15, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Looks great! Also, isn't it called a .DAE?
  4. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Thanks! I'll try.

    Thanks! Yes, you're right, I've changed it.
  5. Again_Dejavu

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    Dec 26, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    May I use this in my D-15 mod compilation, once it's more finished?
  6. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Small update; all parts are in game (I couldn't resist to make some roll bar lights) but all the new parts (rearfenders, taillights, roll bar lights) have almost empty jbeam files for now. The ones which were copied and adjusted (bed, rearbumper, tailgate) are already adjusted though. Maybe I should make them a bit lighter to make up for the smaller size.

    I'm still struggeling with the UV map, is it normal to have one single point where many edges point to? (see image) If not, what's wrong?

    Attached Files:

    • printscreen07-08.jpg
    • printscreen09.jpg
  7. Hachiroku92

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    Aug 7, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    looks awesome, i cant wait. Love flair-sided beds xD
  8. Blockman

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Reminds me of the Bobcat from Grand Theft Auto IV

    Attached Files:

    • 800px-Bobcat-GTA4-rear.jpg
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  9. Cardinal799

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    Oct 15, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    It looks similar. This one actually deforms properly. ;)
  10. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    I liked that Bobcat as well, I'm trying to make the new parts to deform as realistic as I can :p It's coincidence that it has four spotlights as well, I haven't played that game in a long time.

    The jbeam of the taillights is done (it's very simple one) and I'm quite happy with the result. The fendersideflares (What's in the name?) are still too stiff and a bit wobbly right now. I might have overdone the number of beams. The jbeam of the spotlights is still empty.

    I've got two questions where I stumbled upon, maybe someone can help;

    For now I've put the UV/texture maps of the new parts on top of already existing parts. The maps of the original D15 are already 'full', there is no room for new parts. What is the best way to make new maps without having to UV the original parts? Is it possible to simply scale and pack all the parts or to add new area to the existing maps and then having a map without a multiple of 1024 pix resolution?

    And can someone explain the meaning of the triangles in the jbeams? I couldn't find something anything about it in the wiki... Or is it a fast way to make a triangle out of three jbeams?

    Thanks in advance! :D

    Attached Files:

    • printscreen17.jpg
    • printscreen14.jpg
    • printscreen16.jpg
  11. 14ramosr

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    Sep 7, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Its looking awesome! Cant wait for it ;)
  12. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Due to very little time due to some upcoming exams, I haven't made much progress yet. There are some problems where I haven't found the cause of it yet; Maybe someone has the solution?

    When I crash the rear end of the pickup the adjusted rollbar disappears, including the beams and nodes. When the rollbar lights are on, all nodes except the ones where the lights are on attached disappear. The lights keep floating in mid-air :p )

    A second question; when I copy an object and adjust it (in this case the rollbar, tailgate, bed) do I need to rename the names of all the nodes and beams of the new file?

    And a third question; I've put self-designed (at least, most of it :p) taillights to the pickup, with it's own deformgroup. Now I get errors (The game doesn't freeze, but there are errors in the list)
    "deformGroup on beam not found on any flexmesh: pickup_taillight_L_break" (and pickup_taillight_R_break) That's true (I think) becuause I don't use those deformgroups as there are only in the original taillight jbeam. How can I get rid of this error?

    It would be great if someone can help me :) Thanks in advance!
  13. HadACoolName

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    Aug 3, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    The Bobcat was ruined in GTA V, this will be my replacement :D
    Although could maybe this be done? If not, I still love it anyways.

    (Excuse poor paint skills)

    Attached Files:

    • printscreen14.jpg
    #13 HadACoolName, Mar 26, 2014
    Last edited: Mar 26, 2014
  14. Blockman

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    I know, same with the rancher.

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  15. HadACoolName

    Expand Collapse

    Aug 3, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    I love Chevrolet Suburbans so I was actually happy with it but would've been smarter if they made it an old Granger and they kept in GTA IV's Rancher.
  16. Blockman

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    Sep 1, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    I just love Chevy K5 blazers, I loved the pickup versions

    Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. HadACoolName

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    Aug 3, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Old Chevys were good.
  18. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    @ hadacoolname; such a rear bumper is definitely possible, it's not even hard to make one. There's only one possible problem; I keep the original bed as an option, and the bed and the rear bumper are both subparts of the frame. So one can choose the normal bed and combining it with such a bumper might cause some problems.

    I'm still getting problems in game; the adjusted roll bar keeps disappearing, the taillights and the rear fenderflares are spontaneously crumbling. I adjusted some beams and beam properties on the fenderflares and unselected the rollbar and taillights, it helps but when I crash the car rear end first the complete body now disappears (Not Funny :p)

    Can anyone explain to me what might be wrong? Some help is appreciated :)

    Attached Files:

    • printscreen19.jpg
  19. AR162B

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    Aug 11, 2013
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    Thanks to Mythbuster I found out what the problem was; I forgot to end some breakgroups in some new jbeams. Fixed it, and immediately found motivation to improve the mod; The rollbarlights are really functioning with real spotlights, made them as option for the regular rollbar, made some spotlights for the offroad bumper and I made a functional snorkel. I gave the modded and regular taillights also 'spotlights' for the brake light. I always thought it was strange to have a reverse spotlight but none for the (almost equally bright?) braking light, it looks nice in a dark surrounding. Making spotlights for the normal taillight might also be possible and will also look nice I think, but I'm not sure if it affects the performance.
    Still have to tune the n/b and fix the textures.
    I've uploaded some screenshots to show what it looks like and what the difference the spotlights make in the cave in Grid Map. There is also a screen of the D15 with the snorkel, the engine is still running despite of the engine being submerged. But I'm not sure what happens when the snorkel (and thereby the inlet nodes) are torn of the body :p

    Attached Files:

    • printscreen25.jpg
    • printscreen26.jpg
    • printscreen31.jpg
    • printscreen33.jpg
    • printscreen34.jpg
    • printscreen28.jpg
  20. Wolf

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    Feb 21, 2014
    Re: Gavril D15 Stepside/Flareside

    It's looking Very good.
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