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Solved Bolide Wheel Material Issues

Discussion in 'Mod Support' started by BrynCoops, Oct 6, 2016.

  1. BrynCoops

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    Dec 13, 2015
    I'm relatively new to modding, everything is rather confusing to me - especially when it comes to the wheels in BeamNG, I just can't quite understand the way the materials work.

    All i'm after is a new set of wheels for the Bolide, simply just re-skins of the Veloce ones, but they don't appear, they're invisible (and they overwrite the originals which isn't what I wanted at all) and other wheels don't have textures anymore.

    Could anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong, and possibly fix my mistakes if possible?

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  2. torsion

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    May 31, 2015
    You've run into a lot of problems. All existing mods of this type simply overwrite base game textures. I'll give you some info to get started, but you need to do a lot more than you've done so far if you want to make it to your goal.

    Your filename must be unique for the location. Simply put when the game is loaded the contents of your zip file will be overlayed on top of the game's own filesystem. If your files have the same names and locations as stock ones the stock ones will be replaced. So do not do that.

    As you can probably now see, your materials.cs file is overwriting the one in the /common/wheels/ folder - that's why so much other stuff is broken when your mod is installed: you are replacing a file which has many materials with a file which has only a single material.

    I see that you've also named different meshes in your jbeam but you don't provide any new meshes (no DAE). I think you're confused about that part. The DAE file has meshes in it which are named, the JBEAM will refer back to those names. The meshes in the DAE refer to materials by name - those materials are defined (for the game) in a materials.cs file.

    I suggest that you get the textures working and focus on a mod which simply swaps the textures for a start.

    Finally, even if you copy the contents of a file like civetta_wheels_R.jbeam and paste it into another file like PonyMasterBryn_wheels_R.jbeam you'll still need to make sure that the part names are unique! For example, this is a unique name and cannot be repeated in another part:
    "super_wheel_15x10_R": {

    FWIW I did some research recently and determined that rims should be able to have skins if I understood everything correctly. Currently there's no slot for this in the game, so you'd need to add the slot as well. That can come later once your textures are working! If you want some advanced homework compare the skin tutorials with how the "pickup interior" skin is setup in the "pickup" vehicle.
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