BMWCrazy's Raceday Configuration Pack

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    Mar 26, 2018
    BMWCrazy's Trackday Pack
    Based on the single in-game raceday configuration, from the Ibishu Hopper, come a number of track-ready vehicles ready to go around any track. Featuring all but a few official vehicles, you'll find plenty here to enjoy.

    I made a custom configuration type for this mod (as I will do for all my future ones) if you'd like to sort through others easier. (BMWCrazy Raceday). Find this by first clicking Show Filters, then Show Configurations, then, under Config Type, find BMWCrazy Raceday
    No custom parts - a design choice as a result of my skill limitations. The suspensions and engines have been tuned somewhat, however, so it's not like I just slapped these together and called it a day (I did not). I also did it for BeamMP compatibility.

    RD.jpg rd.jpg rd1.jpg rd2.jpg rd3.jpg rd4.jpg rc.jpg rd5.jpg rd6.jpg rd7.jpg rd8.jpg rd9.jpg rd10.jpg rd11.jpg rd12.jpg rd13.jpg rd14.jpg rd15.jpg

    Repo Pending

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