Beta XL Performance Powertrains 1.25

Lots of torque, efficiency, or power. Great for racing and towing.

  1. charl
    The XL Performance Powertrains mod adds 3 great engines: one powerful and with some torque, one very torque-y (837 with 310 HP, very efficient), and a high power engine for drag racing or just showing off.

    The 3 vehicles that currently have the XL engine options are: the Gavril D-Series, the Gavril Roamer, and the Gavril H-Series.

    The XLT Diesel can get around 25-45MPG in normal driving conditions. It revs to 2000 RPM but can pull loads worthy of a big rig. It does not shift well with automatic transmissions, or the XLT CVT, but is best with the 8-speed manual in realistic mode.

    The XLE V8 sounds great, has some power, and torque, revs to 4100, but burns fuel quickly. It's a median point of the XLR and XLT engines. It is good with any transmission.

    The XLR V8 revs to 6500, has lots of power, and is good for racing. It is not well suited for normal driving. It is over-powered and performance oriented. Best with an automatic, and to minimize the over-power, use the CVT.

    The CVT transmission is experimental.

    There is also an automatic with 37 gears. Good for anything.

    The 10-speed automatic is good with the stock engines of the game, too. It lowers the amount of engine stalling.

    8-speed manual is good for high top speeds, the XLE, or XLT engines.

    If you want custom configurations, or would be interested in making 3D models, or want custom sounds, have noticed any errors, or have suggestions, PM me.

    Sorry if this isn't a great mod, because it is my first one.

    These engines are not very realistic, if you haven't already noticed. They are not based on any real ones.

    There is also a supercharger that does not modify idle RPM or max RPM so it is good for the XLE and XLT engines.

    11 speed sequential transmission (done for D-Series and Roamer, not H-series)
    9.01 locking front and rear differentials (done for D-Series and Roamer, not H-series)
    Fixing the hood exhaust bug (done for D-Series and Roamer, not H-series)


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  1. Tuned transmissions!

Recent Reviews

  1. kaytc
    Version: 1
    Love it. Engines sound great and are super powerful. However the transmissions do need some tuning, which i'm sure will happen in the future
    1. charl
      Author's Response
      Tuning like what?
  2. Foohar
    Version: 1
    Not kidding about the XLR engine having power. The 50 speed auto is crazy, yet fun to tow a trailer up a mountain, spinning all 4 tires at 100mph
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