The Third Pack including 26 cars from all continents.

    Well, the third part of the Worldwide Car Pack is out including 26 cars from all continents. It might has weirder cars than the 1st & 2nd packs but it also has more civilian cars. The pack revives some brands of the later packs.
    North America:

    Ginazda Marliata: An offroad kei car imported from Japan and modified in the USA. It handles very good on the mud or sand.
    HighresScreenshot00107.png HighresScreenshot00106.png HighresScreenshot00108.png

    Coronet Ronk LRS: A Sports Muscle Sedan from 2010, it has some nice horses under the hood and it feels good at the moment of driving it on the road for a Muscle Sedan.
    HighresScreenshot00109.png HighresScreenshot00110.png HighresScreenshot00111.png

    Monstor Santura PD: A classic Police Sedan fast enough for chasing criminals, it doesn't handle like a boat since it's a modified version for the Police making it AWD and a few extra horses. This version was made for Los Angeles Police Department.
    HighresScreenshot00166.png HighresScreenshot00165.png HighresScreenshot00167.png

    Vicen Oriena MT2: A truck that was made for working and transport things on the bed but ended on a special version very lifted and a Space Frame Chassis. It has a lot of power but it won't turn because the amount of weight.
    HighresScreenshot00168.png HighresScreenshot00169.png HighresScreenshot00170.png

    AMY Barrakian V8: A small city car that ate a powerful V8, at least it isn't Front Wheel Drive, this car likes to oversteer so you have to drive it quietly. (for some reason, the lights are bugged and I can't fix them, most of the lights doesn't fit this body)
    HighresScreenshot00171.png HighresScreenshot00172.png HighresScreenshot00173.png

    South America:

    Forcan Pumar V8: A classic sport car designed in the 70's made in Brazil. It's an uncommon car that you can't find easily on the road and most of these were imported.
    HighresScreenshot00097.png HighresScreenshot00098.png HighresScreenshot00099.png

    Platense XGT Coupe: A rebadged Argentinian Muscle car from the early 80's. It doesn't handle pretty good but it has a nice top speed thanks to a big V8 with around 340 HP.
    HighresScreenshot00103.png HighresScreenshot00104.png HighresScreenshot00105.png

    Aguara 501 ZT: An Ecomonical Concept SUV designed in Paraguay, it has a slow Inline-3 Engine but you won't have to worry about the fuel
    HighresScreenshot00000.png HighresScreenshot00001.png HighresScreenshot00002.png

    Oceania, Africa and Antartica:

    Eusten Menstral Turbo '80: The old version of one of the most powerful UTEs made in Australia. Even with a V8, the engine won´t be thirsty.
    HighresScreenshot00122.png HighresScreenshot00121.png HighresScreenshot00123.png
    Dallara Sydney WT6: One of the new Performance Wagons that people fell in love. It has a V6 Twin Turbo able to overcome every circuit on his continent.
    HighresScreenshot00126.png HighresScreenshot00125.png HighresScreenshot00124.png

    Iceno Maxxaran ONE: Again, Iceno making a weird concept but more useful than an Offroad Supercar, this beast may be the most confortable car made in the Antartica, it has 9 seats, a lot of space and it includes some mattresses for sleeping in there.
    HighresScreenshot00144.png HighresScreenshot00145.png HighresScreenshot00146.png

    Pugual Afrania: A very cheap truck made in Africa, it was very useful since it has enough space for carrying people or tools on the back. Most of these Trucks are destroyed and this might be the most stable one, it even has some holes on the bed.
    HighresScreenshot00174.png HighresScreenshot00175.png HighresScreenshot00176.png


    Citraut Raiser ST: A small MPV made in France, might be the definition of good looking but slow, anyway the ST version of the Raiser comes with a Stock Stance suspension and BBS wheels. Weird for a Production car.
    HighresScreenshot00127.png HighresScreenshot00128.png HighresScreenshot00129.png

    Lazzaria Yenallia V10: A Classic Sports Car from the early 90's, it has a nice retrostyle body and it handles pretty cool. The V10 engine makes more than 500 HP.
    HighresScreenshot00130.png HighresScreenshot00131.png HighresScreenshot00132.png

    Rebren Kanine T12: A hypercar made in Germany that make the brand became famous again. It might be expensive since it has a very luxurious interior and one of the best Turbo V12 engine.
    HighresScreenshot00133.png HighresScreenshot00135.png HighresScreenshot00136.png

    Kamtchatka ProLM001: A legal LeMans Prototype car made in Russia and only sold in the UK and Russia. Only 5 of these were made and 1 cabriolet version that, sadly, it burned down because the fuel tank got ruptured.
    HighresScreenshot00137.png HighresScreenshot00138.png HighresScreenshot00139.png

    Quintanella Rarelia Coupe: A sport luxurious car made in Italy, it looks like a simple coupe from the late 60's but it has a powerful engine and a handmade interior and included a phonograph. Only 100 of these were made.
    HighresScreenshot00141.png HighresScreenshot00142.png HighresScreenshot00143.png

    Nicronetta New Lavoro: A revival of the old Italian Lavoro mini truck, more powerful and with more space. People in Italy loved this car from the first day it was sold and called it the best succesor of the old minitruck.
    HighresScreenshot00153.png HighresScreenshot00154.png HighresScreenshot00155.png

    Pegatti Giantella Concept: Since 1983, Pegatti tried to include a sporty V10 to a People Mover. They made an awesome aerodynamic concept with a V10 capable to move a family in a short time.
    HighresScreenshot00156.png HighresScreenshot00158.png HighresScreenshot00157.png

    Banastra Clubster CC: A convertible confortable car made for those people who enjoys long travels. It doesn't have the better acceleration but it can reach to a nice top speed later.
    HighresScreenshot00162.png HighresScreenshot00163.png HighresScreenshot00164.png


    Tinct Xpheria: The ugliest car made by this brand from Indonesia and the reason why Tinct factories closed, besides the appearences, the car was pretty good for an ugly car. Confortable and has a nice handling.
    HighresScreenshot00150.png HighresScreenshot00151.png HighresScreenshot00152.png

    Niagara Astima TA: A Japanese rare Street Legal Time Attack Coupe, I don't know how is it legal but it has to be fun to drive. The wing on the hood must be annoying for the people but no one understands aerodynamics.
    HighresScreenshot00147.png HighresScreenshot00148.png HighresScreenshot00149.png

    Kinishiwa E2: A Kei SUV made in China with a weird light design, slow and a bit raised but fun to drive, a headlight in the middle wasn't necessary. Or yes?
    HighresScreenshot00159.png HighresScreenshot00160.png HighresScreenshot00161.png

    Sanira Kiyanela RS: A convertible Kei car with a nice handling and speed, and the weird feeling that the front looks like an Skyline R34.
    HighresScreenshot00003.png HighresScreenshot00004.png HighresScreenshot00005.png

    Xigraka Kasari RD: A sport coupe that was made for the tracks and used as a drift car for most of the people. It has more than 200 HP and it handles pretty good.
    HighresScreenshot00006.png HighresScreenshot00007.png HighresScreenshot00008.png

    Dinka Infernus: A sports car taken from the game GTA: San Andreas, confirmed to be the fastest in the game, this remake has a better V8 engine that doesn't look american and posicionated in the middle.
    HighresScreenshot00010.png HighresScreenshot00009.png HighresScreenshot00011.png

Recent Reviews

  1. WalkerPG
    Version: 3.0
    Perfect *-* , thx for add puma i love this car
    1. DANTT | DMRT
      Author's Response
      Your welcome :)
  2. Martin.S
    Version: 3.0
    How to get lightbar?
    1. DANTT | DMRT
      Author's Response
      there is a lightbar mod but since I don't have an actualizated version of automation or steam, I made a lightbar using pop-up headlights. It's not that hard to make. Thanks for the rating :)
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