Unsupported Wolf's The Recon OFFROADER .36

An EXTREME truck for EXTREME terrain, 4WD/RWD

  1. Skulkerz
    This 4WD/RWD BEAST can handle all of your daily needs x100,
    PLEASE, leave a review It helps me know what you think of the mod, or any suggestions you may have.

    It is Greatly Appreciated !!!



    Automation Stats:

    1745 hp @ 7645 RPM
    Weight: 6480 lbs
    Twin Turbo V12

    Stuck? Put it in low and turn ESC off you'll be surprised at the power


    >>Now with new Variants<<

    Video of The Recon 3.2

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    The Recon Standard

    The Recon Speirs Edition

    The Recon Utility
    The Recon OffroaderX

    This pack comes with all editions
    ( Not downloaded separately)
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    1. BeamNGTHERECON.png
    2. Untitleddrawing7.png
    3. Untitleddrawing9.png
    4. HighresScreenshot00032.png
    5. HighresScreenshot00033.png
    6. Recon30.png
    7. Recon30V8.png
    8. ReconPictures.png
    9. TheRecon323.jpg
    10. BeamNGdrive-016038498-RELEASE-x64-background8_9_20195_57_17PM.png
    11. BeamNGdrive-016038498-RELEASE-x64-background8_9_20195_57_48PM.png
    12. BeamNGdrive-016038498-RELEASE-x64-background8_9_20195_59_29PM.png
    13. BeamNGdrive-016038498-RELEASE-x64-background8_9_20196_01_02PM.png
    14. BeamNG.png
    15. TheRecon.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Valhallatchaboy
    Version: 3.6
    Brakes dont stop the truck at all. Super slidey, so offroading is a no go. Dunno who Spiers is or why they get their own configuration, so a star off for that.
    All in all its a good Automation mod. It'll probs be a 5 star mod once all the kinks are ironed out.
    1. Skulkerz
      Author's Response
      Which truck are you having these issues with? And the off-road truck shouldn't be 'superslidey' as you described. Which truck are you talking about? They all perform completely different from each-other
  2. skyeyemx
    Version: 1.0
    It's extremely bouncy, and the suspension is prone to bottom-out. Also, the brakes are absolutely horrid

    I do love some healthy competition, so I'll hand you some tips I found whilst developing the Titan Prerunner

    1: Solid axle rear suspension is best

    2: The Automation Offroad preset is utter crap and severely underdampened; use significantly stiffer dampers and a bit softer springs
    1. Skulkerz
      Author's Response
      Alright man, I have been working on a complete new version which will be better with more frequent updates to get the suspension right. Thanks for the feedback :)
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