Beta WolfPack's full Skin Pack 2.0

as of V 1. will have rx7 skins

  1. wolfpackasuchim
    this mod is now the full pack with skins for almost every vanilla vehicle and a couple mod vehicles if u want to request a skin please join my discord server and ping me with ur request in my #anything-anime channel thank u all for checking out this pack more updates are on there way bringing u more skins enjoy
    here is a discord invite link to my server it shall never expire so new or old all can join

    also some skins u may see photos of below that u dont see in game after downloading yet this is cause the update with that skin in it is currently awaiting approval but i will add pics here to show u what urve got to look foward to


    1. Screenshot4862.png
    2. Screenshot4866.png
    3. Screenshot4871.png
    4. Screenshot4872.png
    5. screenshot_2019-01-10_01-23-17.png
    6. Screenshot4938.png
    7. Screenshot4939.png
    8. Screenshot4940.png
    9. Screenshot4941.png
    10. Screenshot4935.png
    11. Screenshot4936.png
    12. Screenshot4937.png

Recent Reviews

  1. 「Wo Class」
    「Wo Class」
    Version: 1.3
    Hey, nice to see some more Itasha inspired skins on Beam, don’t listen to the haters that’ll eventually stumble on this.

    Also pay attention to the UV of the vehicles, this will help avoid some ‘tearing’ that happens on the decals.
    1. wolfpackasuchim
      Author's Response
      hey man thanks hopefully u like the skins there mostly suggested by myself and friends through my discord server as for haters ive had my share and i know therell be lots more lol not all love anime as for tearing on decals yes some of my skins have a few tears and eventually ill fix them up but for now ild rather focous on finishing the full pack thanks for the 5 stars bro
  2. PriusRepellent
    Version: 1.2
    Nice. Any chance of Persona 5 skins?
    1. wolfpackasuchim
      Author's Response
      thanks bro Hey if its a request i cant gurantee itld be great but ild try
      just request it all ill add it to the list and get it done probs today lol
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