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Wolf Heavy Industries Medium Duty Forklift 1.2

5ish ton capacity forklift for lifting cars and pallets

  1. Minor fixes and heavier counterweight

    • Fixed other issue with the mast slide nodes that could cause weird problems with the mast.
    • Added values to the info files.
    • Added heavy duty counterweight.
    • Added 5.5 ton capacity variant.
  2. Material fix

    • Fixed missing tire texture
  3. Bunch of fixes

    • Added solidify to the seatbox so it's not see through
    • Added "driveshaft"
    • Fixed minor issue with the beacon's deform group
    • Removed rear brakes and adjusted front braking power to compensate
    • Removed tire pressure adjustement as it wasn't used
    • Fixed minor typos in descriptions and info files
    • Reduced number of coreslots
    • Added 2 speed automatic and made that the default transmission
    • Adjusted lower mast node positions to avoid phantom stress issues due to...
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