Experimental Wide Japanese License Plate 0.1

A wide, fictional JDM license plate for your euro ride.

  1. Ezo
    Some time ago I saw this license plate in a GT Sport livery for a A110 Alpine...
    I liked the idea and decided to recreate it for BeamNG, and actually make it functional... and this is what i finished up with:
    Its a 333 Fukushima license plate with a fu (ふ) prefix.

    Bugs: You can select it for the US-Spec license plate but it will show a no-texture (Im trying to figure out how to remove the US part of the thing)

    To the guy that originally made the livery for GT Sport...
    To @JoranDost for his Dutch License Plate mod (without it i wouldnt figure out how this system worked)
    To @bhorton for the font and a line of code of his Japanese License Plate pack (i highly recommend it, its a pretty good mod)

    Observation: I know that 300-399 is for private cars over 2000cc, but to make it as in the skin i decided to maintain the 333 (in case if you're wondering 500-599 is for private cars with 661-2000cc)
    Observation 2: Its a fictional license plate, it doesnt exist irl...

Recent Reviews

  1. gσℓ∂ƒιяє
    Version: 0.1
    Five star because japan and Alpine A110 (jk 5 star for license plate recreation)
    1. Ezo
      Author's Response
      thanks lol
  2. CARGUY01
    Version: 0.1
    Wow tis Is a very nice mod!!!! 5 out of 5
    1. Ezo
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