Outdated West Coast USA Construction 2.0

'The busy city'

  1. Update 2.0

    WCUSA Construction content update (v2.0)

    Hello guys! Today’s update is not just a patch with fixies or little improvements – this is a big, content update! Let’s see, what is this in this update:

    Building constructions

    I would like to introduce the new building constructions! From this day, you will find buildings under construction in the map.

    New Details

    This map is not just about changing stuff. This update adds more details such as more buildings, garbages, etc. My goal is to make this map more detailed and more life-like.

    HUGE thanks for they for their ideas, suggestions:



    screenshot_2021-10-21_18-08-05.png screenshot_2021-10-20_20-01-33.png screenshot_2021-10-22_17-55-26.png screenshot_2021-10-09_19-13-27.png screenshot_2021-10-08_13-49-49.png

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