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Beta Wentward Powertrain Mod 2.3

The best bits of the DansWorth, now in the DT40L :)

  1. Gasoline engines now have Allison transmissions.

    5 speed allison transmission now available..

    Not sure if i should use the 5 speed variant or 6 speed variant since the 6th gear shows up as nothing on the gear selector..
  2. Intelligent Allison Transmission

    Adds the 6 and 4 speed transmissions we know from the wentward (B300 in real life) but this time it has torque converter behaviour (watch allison buses on youtube, they lock the torque converter midway through 2nd gear, allowing for better shift)

    this is in the following new presets:
    Skoolie - 4 speed form
    InterCity MK2 - Allison - 6 speed form

    I know that it's a bit janky having a duplicated gear, that's just the way it is, hence 2nd locked is 3rd, and gears beyond that are wrong on...
  3. Fixed Sounds (missing files)

    I wondered why the zipfile was so small, turned out that i hadn't included the files, so the game was using them from CP100's mod :p this includes the required files, so if you don't have CP100's mod, the old 9.4L engines are not silent anymore..

    (but seriously you should have CP100's mod :p )
  4. V2.0 Sounds+Marks

    Adds Sounds (courtesy of @CP100 )

    Extra engine, with custom sound, has 300/380/420/490hp with gobs of torque. (380 and 490hp are courtesy of @zschmeez).

    Lots of new configs, mainly segmenting them into MK1 and MK2.

    MK1-uses the old 9.4L engine, lots of power, old allison chucking power to the ground
    MK2-uses the new 8.9L engine (stock game), enough power, and a 6 speed ZF transmission chucking power to the ground. Imagine this is actually a...
  5. ZF Ecomat!

    Now there is a ZF transmission, with the highway config, and the T420 turbocharger. It also uses the throttlecut system and works rather well and shifts through the gears slickly.
  6. PROPANE+transmission fixes

    Fixed small torque converter for T950
    Fixed not enough lock torque for T420
    Propane and gas variants now have a lockup system (improves perf.)
    New presets on the main page.
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