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Beta Wentward Powertrain Mod 2.3

The best bits of the DansWorth, now in the DT40L :)

  1. V2.0 Sounds+Marks

    Adds Sounds (courtesy of @CP100 )

    Extra engine, with custom sound, has 300/380/420/490hp with gobs of torque. (380 and 490hp are courtesy of @zschmeez).

    Lots of new configs, mainly segmenting them into MK1 and MK2.

    MK1-uses the old 9.4L engine, lots of power, old allison chucking power to the ground
    MK2-uses the new 8.9L engine (stock game), enough power, and a 6 speed ZF transmission chucking power to the ground. Imagine this is actually a 7.2L engine or approx, as the torque curves suggest a low capacity engine. Good for emissions, not for speed.
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