Wentward Pack 5.5.6

Everything from a 30FT shorty to a 65FT bendy bus

  1. Bellow Retexture and other changes

    - Retextured bellows to be more realistic (MAY REQUIRE CACHE CLEAR)

    - Fixed DT30L and DT45L having no interior mirrors
    - Added T1000 turbo (added previously but I forgot to mention)
    - Retuned LPG and CNG engine sound
  2. Fixes

    - Redid DT65L Rear JBeam
    - Added joint dependant steering to the DT65L
    - Turned down "Population" value for all configs (lower chance to spawn in traffic)
    - Some deformation improvements for the DT45L
    - Fixed DT65L rear ad carrier position
    - Fixed DT40LTL having a broken rear panel/exploding on spawn
    - Fixed DT40L's Gear Display having no texture
    - Retextured Bellow (not perfect but I'm happy with it)
    - Fixed mirrors
    - Regenerated config infos for the DT65L
    - Added Interior Rattling to all buses
  3. Hotfix

    - Fixed DT60L having no model
    - Fixed Duplicated Beams on DT65L
    - Fixed Flexbody errors

    Following soon:

    - JBeam fixes for the rear (DT65L, basically redoing it)
    - New LUA for the rear steering to account for the angle of the joint rather than normal steering (DT65L)
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  4. 60FT? Nah, even longer!

    - Added DT65L, a 65FT 4-axle articulated bus:

    - Added T620 Turbo
  5. Big Content Update

    If you experience any problems, make sure to clean your cache and check for conflicting mods before reporting!

    - Merged DT40L Expansion Pack into this mod

    - Added LPG/CNG variants to all buses
    - Added EU variant to DT35L, DT60L
    - Added Trolley variant to DT45L, DT60L
    - Added Manual Transmission option to all buses

    - Fixed light textures to work with 0.24
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  6. DT60L Nitrous node fix

    fixed position of the nitrous node
  7. Texture cooking

  8. Dt60L config fix

    Base config now has the correct wheels
  9. Hotfix #2

    Fixed the transmission wine on older busses
    Fixed the doors on DT30L
    Fixed the safari skin on DT30L
  10. hotfix

    fixed one texture
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