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WBIMP Game Expansion 2.0

Update 2.0: The 80's are calling...

  1. 1.0--- Its been a long journey.

    I dont expect this to get much attention at all, but WBIMP 1.0 is out.
    yes, in its fullest.
    most everything is redone, and most all bugs are gone.
    Let me know if there are any, but not in the reviews, i will make a thread.
    -weird Piccolina thumbnails, possible issues with brakes on certain models.
    -Covet IBX passenger seat wacc
    -no updated starter sounds on most engines.
    -some models are one sided, working on a fix

    Please, give me a break people. This update has been in the works for almost a year. And thank my dev team too, they need lots of praise!
    -@LJ Dezignz

    without these fine individuals, this mod would be in shambles. Thanks guys, you have no idea how much it means to me :oops:

    Ok, into the goodies:
    -bajillions of bug-fixes.
    -Turbo Diesel V8 roamer configs
    -Autobello Cabrio (MINOR texture bugs as of now, to be fixed in 1.1)
    -Bolide Targa (not used but available in parts config, due to texture bugs)
    -Covet IBX (CRX but Ibishu :p)
    -Sounds TOTAL REHAB
    -atleast 120+ new configs (I think)
    -Wing for 89 Pessima
    -USDM parts for Bolide, about 20 configs
    -Updated models for I5 Covet and Burnside V10
    -Turned 3.2 N I6 from single turbo to twin turbo
    -Lots of new legran parts
    -2 new Pickup configs
    -30+ new 89' Pessima configs
    -RHD Covet, Pessima (89) and 200BX +alot of configs
    -1.8 SOHC I4 200BX
    -minor changes w/ sunburst (will add a completely refurbished F4 engine to files in 1.1 w/ configs if the original creator gets back to me)
    -1 new SBR4 config, aswell as fixes
    -I4, I6, and V8 RWD N-trim levels added to K and 800 series (About 30 configs in total)
    -GM I6 rework
    -scooped JDM hood for Covet+ new 3.0L SRTEC V6 w/ supercharger option from @carlover416 )
    -AWD Pickle fixed (finally!) +10 or so configs
    -fixed LOTS of messed up configs
    -200BX ACTIVA configs added (courtesy of @Velstydez ) +10 configs
    -I5 Pessima +10 configs
    -I5 ETK-I with a delicious tilt on the engine
    -an absolute LOAD of rims and stuff from @LJ Dezignz
    -ETK-I hatch thanks to @burilkovdeni
    -V10 ETK-I
    -89 Pessima I5 +7 configs
    -SADLY had to remove Legran LWB ):
    -switched I4 Pickle to I3, no new configs

    I hope you got through all that ok
    lots of effort went into this mod and i think besides monitoring and bugfixing it i think its about done until i regain interest in actually modding beam. for now i need to grow my modeling skills.
    I dont want this mod for my increase, but to boost the community.

    anyway, lots of stuff missed.
    Have fun!

    2400tix_ttsport_alt_M.png superchargedpolice.png Stynger_M.png IBX_B_spec.png IBX_SR_spec.png ZXi_V6_A.png Jungle_Serpent_A.png V8_Prefacelift_RS_M.png aerotec.png GT-TR.png rotary_base.png personal.png AWD_STR_M.png RA-R_DCT.png 330_USDM_GTS.png SER_M.png Okudai_GTRX.png aerotec_M.png LXi_V6_M.png ZZZ_R.png Rusty_Offroad_M.png 600_Sport.png HD_A.png Work_Package_A.png kc6t_A_Nsport.png 330_USDM.png Donyoku.png GTz_S_A.png ESBR_HTI.png Diesel_A.png stancenation.png Selecta_race.png 150cabrioAWD_A.png 291_alt_M.png V8_Sport_Alder_M.png active_S_A.png active_R.png active_econ.png 2200TiSC_base_M.png

    Well, That's all folks. Have more fun!!!
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