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Beta Wayford Rally 1.1.9

A small course for rally cars.

  1. The Road Trip

    1. A new route to take. It will be directly to your left/right when spawning in.
    2. Added Rocks to most of the visible part of the map.
    3. Added dirt material underneath the dirt road for dirty dirtiness.
    4. Smoothed out places where AI would most frequently spin-out.
    5. Changed the AI paths from "Dirt" to "Optimal" so that the AI would drive faster. (And it worked, with AWD at least.)
    6. Resized roads and reworked some parts of the roads.

    That is all I have done so far. Please, if you have a suggestion, post it in the "Discussion" tab.

    I will maybe try and work on a preview video later on.

    Thank you,
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