Water Lion 1.1

Off road vehicle for land and water

  1. volltreffer1
    The Controls for water are:

    : Forward
    T: Left
    Z: Right (American Keyboard: Y)

    Who hasn't always wanted a car that is suitable for off-road use, with which you can pull a caravan, climb a mountain or swim in the sea? With the "water lion" it is possible and it can be yours as soon as you press the download button.


    Photo1.png Photo2.png Photo3.png

    screenshot_2021-06-27_00-00-07.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-00-18.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-00-38.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-01-45.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-01-52.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-01-59.png screenshot_2021-06-27_00-02-56.png

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