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Beta Wangan Devil Z 1.3

This car from Wangan Midnight.

  1. xiao_zhi_zhu

    I'm Chinese,my english is not good.
    Engine L6 12v(L28)DOHC,3134cc,731.4HP,681.8NM.
    1 Turbo,Automation straight engine no have twin turbo.
    Weight 1.15T,top speed 360km+(223mi+).
    Key hole is mod.

    QQ20201120171915.png QQ20201120171959.png QQ20201120172232.png QQ20201120172745.png QQ20201120172853.png QQ20201120173121.png

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  1. Wangan Devil Z
  2. Wangan Devil Z

Recent Reviews

  1. mrwallace888
    Version: 1.3
    Most of the time people remake real-life cars in Automation and they don't look very good... like at all.

    However with this mod, you did perfect.
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