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Vulvo R850 2.52

Front-whell driven classic Vulvo with a 2.3 Liter inline 5.

  1. StaelTek
    After my first Automation, the Vulvo 850 TR5, i have been working on improving my skills with Automation and finally think i have reached a level where i am happy with my creation.

    Based on the Volvo 850 R from 1996, this car features a 2.3 Liter turbocharged inline 5 with 250HP and close to 340NM of torque, you can easily launch in 2nd gear with wheelspin.
    Skrmbillede373.png Skrmbillede374.png

    This car has been carefully tuned to both be ideal for realistic city driving, getting a bit of fun in the mountains and also trackdays!

    New features:
    Much improved looks.
    More power.
    Less oversteer when braking and turning.
    Smoother torque curve.

    Upcoming features:
    Vulvo 850 pack, featuring the vanilla 850 (manual and auto), TR5 and the wagon version, including rally versions and more track focused R850!

Recent Reviews

  1. Coshei
    Version: 2.52
    God <3
  2. Skygel14
    Version: 2.52
    Epic Volvo!!!
  3. Thombike
    Version: 2.52
    1. I build no replicas, but i know how the oryginal car looks in real.
    2. If You'r happy from your level now, you'r not too ambitious, i think.
    Now why only 3 stars.
    Replica is far from oryginal, it can and should be much better builded. More details, accuracy, beeter liveries choices, less self-admiration.
    But rear looks really good, i must say. Work on the signs (they are messy now) and look on exhaust - is now integral part of bumper and You think it's good?
    So...some parts are good in this car, some are more or less messy or just bad. Work on it. Then i change reviev and rating.
    1. StaelTek
      Author's Response
      I appreciate your honesty a lot. i will take it into consideration and see if some of the things mentioned can be corrected(which has been limiting in a way to recreate 100%).
      i will see if a 2.53 or a 2.6 will be working on for the future.
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