Beta Vulkoshen Logs III

VW Golf 3 gen!

  1. Martin.S
    This is my new mod for @GT900
    Hope you like it!
    Enjoy :)
    Sorry for headlights, I can't make them better :( Thanks for understanding!


    1. Photo419.png
    2. Photo420.png
    3. Photo421.png
    4. Photo422.png
    5. Photo423.png
    6. Photo424.png
    7. Photo425.png
    8. Photo426.png
    9. Photo427.png

Recent Reviews

  1. michael_zowski
    Version: III
    poo log, or like, you log in to something?
  2. Very nice cars
    Very nice cars
    Version: III
    kur#a kiedy astra g bertone
    1. Martin.S
      Author's Response
      Nie mogę jej zrobić bo mod na lampy nie działa w aktualnej wersji. Sory
  3. zalutskiy2005
    Version: III
    1. Martin.S
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
  4. italy0047
    Version: III
    How did you remove the glass?
    1. Martin.S
      Author's Response
      Thank you for 5 stars rating :) I used dog's tape mod on steam. If you want I can make a video and show you the tutorial ;)
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