Alpha Vulcher Pass

A heightmap generated desert map with baja scenarios

  1. HighDef
    I generated a huge map with L3DT and made it into a desert map for exploration and baja. It is 4096x4096 at 1 meter per pixel so nice resolution. I will add more scenarios soon as well as some more detail.

    For now see if you can complete the Baja scenarios.

    The helicopter mod is no longer available but if you happen to have it, the fourth scenario will work.
    I am not the best at arty things, I just wanted to make the heightmap levels for function such as making scenarios and bus routes. If any of you would like to help make these levels look better I would welcome your help. Leave a message in the discussions tab. Thanks.

Recent Updates

  1. Scenario vehicle selection
  2. Rule change
  3. Spawns and scenarios

Recent Reviews

  1. Leon B.
    Leon B.
    It's great fun to drive around here, but as for the resource you provided: dh super gnat, it is not available. Is there any possibility you could send it to me?
  2. Nathan24™
    Nice place to test my custom off-road vehicles! :)
  3. NeoSlx
    Version: 0.5.3
    How the hell did you make like, 5 maps in 1 day, or at least posted
    1. HighDef
      Author's Response
      Not quite 1 day but about 3 weeks. These maps aren't anywhere near finished though. Thanks for the rating!
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