Alpha VTEC Engine for Ibishu Covet 0.2

Original sound!

  1. Dioctane
    This is one of my first modifications, which I never posted. But now you can look at her.

    This mod adds a VTEC engine for the Covet with original sound
    This is 2.0 liters engine is based on Honda K20A2(from Civic Type R 2007)
    screenshot_2020-02-25_23-03-09.png screenshot_2020-02-25_23-04-57.png

    There is of course tuning here!
    screenshot_2020-02-25_23-04-16.png screenshot_2020-02-25_23-04-36.png

    • ECU(10K RPM Rev limiter)
    • Turbochargers(47mm and 68mm)
    • Straight Exhaust
    • Forged Piston Group
    • Skunk2 Stage3 Camshafts
    Post Scriptum:
    • Use only VTEC radiators with this engine
    • Engine model is a modified copy of the pessima engine, therefore it has a wrong arrangement of the intake and exhaust manifolds
    • Sounds were taken from the mod for the game of the Assetto Corsa
    • The engine, although it is based on K20A2, is not an exact copy of it, but is only close to it
    • I urge you not to look for configs, they are not there!

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Recent Reviews

  1. BepisKing
    Version: 0.2
    That thing is awesome! I just love the sound of V-TEC engines. By The Way, i want to upload an Covet Drift configuration soon, and for that this V-TEC Engine could be useful. Can i put the data of this mod in my .zip and and mention you really clear in my ressource or should i just link your mod in my ressource page? Thanks in advance :)
  2. Maselko_pl
    Version: 0.2
  3. Jakee1202
    Version: 0.2
    Doesnt show up
  4. SuperAgentAlex
    Version: 0.2
    One day you can update this and add configs. Maybe :)
    1. Dioctane
      Author's Response
      It would be great! I will try.
  5. Big Boi Ruben
    Big Boi Ruben
    Version: 0.2
    Engine look So nice man Very Nice!!!!
    1. Dioctane
      Author's Response
      I'm surprised you liked it.
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