Alpha Volvo 850 R 0.12

Volvo 850 R '96 Manual Sportswagon

  1. BDMilestone
    What's there to say... once again modded further after the automation export, made as close as possible to real life specs.

    Just to list a few things:
    - Real gear ratios
    - Modified ESC (it's really just a traction control system here)
    - Real tire pressures, oil capacity, coolant capacity, etc. etc.

    The rear end of the car will probably change in the near future as I'm not very happy about it.


    1. screenshot_2019-09-17_23-03-39.png
    2. screenshot_2019-09-17_23-03-51.png

Recent Reviews

  1. MultiGamerClub
    Version: 0.11
    Good looking car, brings fond memories of my own 850 i had from 2012 to 2018. Only 2 problems i could find was that when turning max out, the springs lower themself and that the rpm limit on 6k is too much. Never seen a 850 with 6k rpm, only 5.
    1. BDMilestone
      Author's Response
  2. Martin.S
    Version: 0.10
    OMG! Epic!
  3. Coshei
    Version: 0.10
    God <3
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