Volkswagen Ameo 2021 2nd Gen India 1.0

It's a Sub-4 meter car based off a Polo, similar in some ways, but many surprises are found.

  1. MEM756
    Hi there! Today, we have a quirky car from the far East (in this case, India), that goes for the name of Ameo (by Volkswagen). Originally launched in 2016, got discontinued April this year, but once again, I get to remake a car in these circumstances, and modernized it into a second generation. Original Ameo here.
    So, what is Ameo? It's a City sedan, that goes no more than 4 meters long, but is roomy, and you pay alot less taxes in it. It's based off MK5 Polo.
    But this time, there's more: A brand new Subcompact lineup for VW India, made by MAIC. New platform, new engine, new specs, and new looks, borrowed from MK6 Polo.
    But actually, this time it's smaller: just 3.96 meters.
    No, let's look at it on BeamNG Drive:
    screenshot_2020-11-04_21-55-50.png screenshot_2020-11-04_21-56-26.png

    It's sleek, made for the cities, for the fuel economy, gas mileage, and replace the old Ameo.

    So, feel free to test this and all my other cars, and tell me if you liked this car, and also if you think I modernized this well, and if you prefer this, or one the original Ameo: So, thanks for watching, and see you next time!

    Here are some more images for you to know it better:

    Photo285.png Photo286.png Photo287.png Photo288.png Photo289.png Photo291.png Photo292.png Photo293.png Photo294.png Photo295.png Photo296.png screenshot_2020-11-04_21-55-50.png


    1. Photo280.png
    2. Photo281.png
    3. Photo282.png
    4. Photo283.png

Recent Reviews

  1. boimadashell
    Version: 1.0
    wah so good! you from india my homie?
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Not really ... But I really love Indian DomesticMarket cars, even if I'm a foreigner, they're interesting and directly influence my markets, so it's a very important market form my market. Thanks you liked it!
  2. Sardarji_Reloaded
    Version: 1.0
    great job!
    1. MEM756
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot, great recommendations you made me, I love people giving me feedback, so both can get better at this.
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