Alpha Vantage County (REMAKE COMING) 0.5

An abandoned industrial county

  1. Modpack!

    It isn't just a map anymore, it's a modpack! It features a crappy map and crappy skins!


    Fire Department:
    There are more to come!
    vantage1.png vantage2.png
    - Progress on the city area
    - 3 new skins (GrandMarshal, Roamer)
  2. Update 0.4 - The arrival of Vantage

    - More progress on the back road
    - Decals added
    - More details on finished areas
    - Progress on empiness
    - Added 2D trees and grass around the map
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  3. 0.3.5 - Crossing the river

    More bridges, details, roads, and stuff!
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  4. Major Update!

    - Better roads
    - More vegetation
    - More buildings
    - Other stuff I don't remember :p
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