Vanilla Classics Carpack 1.0

12 cars in 1

  1. ElecDeathblade
    Before the next update of Automation arrives, the LCV4.2, I made a carpack using the vanilla fixtures of the game. Here's a small description of each one:
    • 1946 Royale V16 Concept: An old concept GT car with a V16 engine, with only two gears and designed for calm cruising and not performance.
    • 1946 Tornado F4: The predecesor of my Tornado Sport, it's an old Porsche-like racecar that acts like an old racecar.
    • 1957 Autumn Hornet I3 Rally: The smallest car in the pack with the smallest engine, a FWD rally car that goes faster than you would expect.
    • 1958 Scorpion V8 Supervenom: A muscle racecar with a muscular engine, this car will do laps in old dusty racetracks like nothing.
    • 1961 Raijin I6 Kamikaze: Named as the japanese thunder god and the sacred wind that he created to defeat the mongols, this car will do the same with its competition.
    • 1962 Borneo V6: Years after the Royale, the same designer made his last car, a mid-engined sportscar for the drivers with refined taste.
    • 1962 Fulgor I6 LeMans: A racecar that is as fast as lightning, it will make a skilled driver win race after race.
    • 1969 Warrior V8 Gladiator: Being the largest car in the pack, this old boat will resist any rough treatment that you can think of.
    • 1972 Feroce V12: Italian supercars are pureblooded masterpieces, and this isn't an exception. Get in the wheel of this great supercar and feel the freedom of driving in the narrow italian roads.
    • 1976 Iron Duke V8: Built between two oil crisis, this muscle car has a smaller V8 engine that puts down enough power perform well.
    • 1988 STS I5 Turbo: "Sacred Tornado Sport", this middle engine sportscar has lots of performance with an efficient turboed engine.
    • 1995 Feroce V10: The resurgance of the italian pureblood, now with a V10 and AWD, the performance in this vehicle makes this the only hypercar in this carpack.
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