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Beta Van tv corp skin V 2

random TV corporation skin.

  1. burilkovdeni
    You can also change the color of the skin as well, with the color picker.
    I will let the screenshots do the talking.
    2016-01-21_00012.jpg 2016-01-21_00013.jpg 2016-01-21_00014.jpg 2016-01-21_00015.jpg

    DO not reupload to any site without my permission.
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Recent Updates

  1. removed Thumbs.db file

Recent Reviews

  1. Peter Beamo
    Peter Beamo
    Version: V 2
  2. crispinbacon
    Version: V2
    Don't know why the other guy gave it a 3-star. The textures don't look like they are bugged or anything. It's not like the dude was going for an awesome looking TV corporation van. The pictures perfectly show you what you are downloading.
  3. _Divine
    Version: V2
    I`ll give you a 3 star. It`s not the best, but it`s decent :)
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