1. Intel iGPU (6xx series) crashes
    Fixed drivers available!
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V8 Racing Forklift 1.02

For the person that asked for more powerful engines. It's fast now

  1. Fixed JATO materials

    The jato materials were broken (but not on my end), so i added the materials to the materials file, as well as the texture.
  2. Cleared beam-target-not-found errors, radiator breakable, fixed compatibility issue

    This update essentially just fixes a bunch of errors that have to do with nodes that I removed.

    While I was at it, I fixed the weird deforming of the struts for diffusor and splitter. The alternator belt wheel now also isnt invisible anymore

    The radiator can now detach and break

    Also a mod compatibility error was resolved, due to similary named files, this mod would overwrite the wheels file for my Gavril Vertex/Fort Focus and break a few configs that used the wheels from in the file.
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