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  1. Added a new supercharger

    I added a new supercharger for the 423 V8 engine which is like twin superchargers so it's pretty neat.

    I probably added sumin else aswell but can't remember wut it is.


    1. Image10.png
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  2. When a fire starts to burn...

    I fixed that problem with the I6 catching on fire.

    Turns out all I had to do wuz remove 2 lines of code.
  3. Small fixes + exhaust smoke

    So I fixed the exhaust smoke on the diesel I6 coming out of the radiator and it should now actually come out of the straight pipe or turbo exhaust. There is no exhaust smoke for the standard exhaust YET. Also, I didn't make any changes to the exhaust smoke on the V8s YET.

    I also corrected the...
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  4. Tried to fix some things...

    So, I modified the tubular chassis to have raised suspension mounts which in theory, should stop the suspension jumping about with high power V8s. It's better, but the suspension still needs some work.

    Also, the tubeframe chassis lets you get the rear end of the hopper even lower than before!

    Other than that there is no major changes yet...


    1. Image6.png
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  5. Turbo diesel i6, hoods, duallys

    Turbo options for the i6
    Diesel i6
    Tubular-ish chassis
    Support for dually rear wheels
    Cut hoods


    1. Image5.png
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  6. Hotfix

    More file stuff.
  7. Hotfix

    I've made a few changes to files.

    Also the "supa-low" springs can now go lower/higher.
  8. Added the other engines

    So decided to add all of the Barstow engines because it only took like 30 mins. None of the engines have the original cooling fans as they use the hopper radiator (which transfers coolant to the engine via magic invisible pipes).
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