Utah Minehead Rally 1.1

A rally course across the new Utah map

  1. speedingrabbit
    This scenario features a rally course on the reworked Utah map.

    As you might know, the new map has a few nice mineshafts which you can drive through.

    I thought it would be a nice challenge to race through them at high speed while trying to keep the vehicle in good condition. :rolleyes:

    The course is pretty long, so I would advise you to be easy on the gas. If you push it too hard, you can quickly damage your vehicle in a way that you won't make it to finish.

    If you manage to push it really hard and still make it to finish in a good time, I'd really like to know. :)
    So far 6:00-6:30 is a good range, but there are probably people out there who can go faster.

    Feel free to post suggestions to improve the course and have fun racing! :)


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Recent Updates

  1. fixed file contents

Recent Reviews

  1. locualo
    Version: 1.1
    no way the car survives the jump nearly at the end, i had to use freecam but anyway cool scenario
  2. GotNoSable!
    Version: 1.1
    How'd you do this in six minutes? I ran an 8:11.
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