Outdated Utah county sheriff skin pack 2.0

Serving Communties With Honor And Integerty

  1. foxu
    THIS MOD HAS BEEN MOVED TO https://www.beamng.com/resources/utah-county-emergency-skin-pack.22697/ IT WILL NOT BE UPDATED ANYMORE

    hello everyone i am back with another skin pack! this skin pack was made for the utah map or any maps that fit the utah aesthetic. hope you enjoy!


    skins included
    -grand marshal
    utah sheriff/utah sheriff all black/ utah sheriff all white/ utah sheriff supervisor screenshot_2021-10-15_01-25-15.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-29-37.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-32-11.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-35-18.jpg

    utah sheriff/utah sheriff k9/utah sheriff all white/utah sheriff all black/utah sheriff supervisor screenshot_2021-10-15_01-38-25.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-40-26.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-43-07.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-45-32.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-48-03.jpg

    utah sheriff forensic/utah sheriff SRT/utah sheriff bomb squad screenshot_2021-10-15_00-59-10.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-53-36.jpg screenshot_2021-10-15_01-56-14.jpg

    command unit screenshot_2021-10-15_01-05-11.jpg

    dry van trailer
    mobile command unit screenshot_2021-10-15_01-09-21.jpg

    Utah county sheriff, utah county search and rescue, utah county strategic response team screenshot_2021-12-20_14-54-26.jpg screenshot_2021-12-20_14-56-53.jpg screenshot_2021-12-20_15-00-09.jpg

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  1. Utah county sheriff update

Recent Reviews

  1. Le0B_B
    Version: 2.0
    Really cool mod, been using it a lot. Could you add a Bastion version?
  2. imma EL Camino
    imma EL Camino
    Version: 1.0
    this is cool, but can you add a 70's skin for the moonkawk sedan?
    1. foxu
      Author's Response
      i might think about making a retro version. if i do i will def make one for the moonhawk
  3. Shadows
    Version: 1.0
    I see the effort put in, but there's some minor issues with the skins which I've noticed as you've developed it and released.

    The orange line on the roamer and grand marshal isn't perfectly lined up onto the white, meaning there's a gap of black next to the door which doesn't look tidy.

    The trailer and semi skins don't look too well put together, they look sort of plain, or rushed.

    Theres a few other issues but that's mainly because I'm used to making pretty detailed skins.

    Not too much else to say, good effort, good idea, just not executed the best.
  4. Scruffy517
    Version: 1.0
    Really nice, your skins are improving a lot!
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