US Diplomat Government-Issued Diplomatic Immunity License Plate 1.0

Now you, too, can commit traffic infractions and always get away with them!!

  1. Derp_de_Herp

    This is what the plate they issue to foreign diplomats residing in the US (UN members, consular staff, etc.) looks like. Usually, these plates allow the cars they're on to park illegally or do other bad things on the road - the diplomatic immunity associated with the plates and their beholders means that they can't be held legally accountable by American government - no arrests or anything - although they can be held accountable by their home country if a report is made, and said country cares enough.

    (Usually, they don't care enough about illegal parking, leading to millions of dollars of parking ticket debts on behalf of, say, at least half of all diplomats residing in NYC.)

    Now, you can be an idiot on the road, too - AND get away with it!!

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Recent Reviews

  1. NathanielHofer
    Version: 1.0
    Simple but cool mod. I actually didn't even know about these plates, so it was pretty interesting to find out about them. Glad to know that all I need to do to have my very own Autobahn in the US is to become a diplomat. Who knew?
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