Unsupported Unorthodox Stunting V1.3.1

Taking a 'Detour' through the blank canvas with the Gravil D-Series offroad

  1. Tweaked track

    • The second long half pipe now has a bigger block but width wise it is shorter to allow you to get the momentum you need.
    • The double wall half way through the second pipe is now one block.
    • The third small half pipe has the pillars raised upwards and an extra one has been placed to balance out the pillars on both sides.
    • The end sky track has moved waypoints to make it easier to see where the track goes - last time, a few people were confused on where to go.
    • he end jump...
  2. Minor fixes

    Miscellaneous fixes:

    Waypoint changes to show the path easier.
    Less steep gradient at the end
    Few minor wheel explosion fixes
  3. New ending

    The end of the scenario now has a custom mini 'race track' type area where there are a serious of un-railed turns in the track. To make it harder, the track has the same texture as the sky. The scenario ends in a large climb upwards and then a sudden descend towards a ramp which propels you to the finish line.
  4. Waypoint fix

    Waypoint 13 fix as well as spelling corrections.
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