Unsupported Unorthodox Stunting: The Map V1.4.2

Unorthodox Stunting scenarios compiled into one map

  1. Road smoothening

    • Smoothed out some of the roads to not blackholify cars' tires.
    • Added mountainous region to the left of spawn
  2. Sky update

    • Changed reflections to be more suitable to the sky texture
    • Changed the size of the sun from 100 to 1000
    • Darkened the terrain a lot
    • Changed the position of the sun
  3. Terrain changes

    added circular lake.
    added crests, both rising and falling in square and circular patterns.
    adjusted the ground texture to be less stretched out.
    added forest area with jumps.
    refined the black textured road to be more smooth and less bumpy to take a car on.
  4. Misc fixes

    Fixed the terrain.ter file (again)
  5. New scenario added to map

  6. Checkpoint texture fix

    Got rid of checkpoint completely as it was not used.
  7. Fixes for textures

    Fixes for the grid texture and maybe the sign texture
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